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Hilary Clinton Admits Trust Deficit With Pakistan

By Media Monitor Desk

ISLAMABAD: US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton admitting to existence of trust deficit with Pakistan at the government and military level has said that we want to bring an end to this deficit by sitting together and ironing out all our reservations.

Talking to senior female journalists on Friday, admitting to trust deficit between the two allies she said that it is imperative that trust is established and we are holding talks in this respect.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said that on Thursday that her meeting with the Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani and DG ISPR that lasted for more than 30 minutes was quite fruitful and during the course of the meeting General Kiyani vowed to strengthen democracy.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said that US will keep on supporting Pakistan Army thick and thin adding it wants strong and stable relations with it.

In response to a question regarding Kerry Lugar Bill, she said Pakistan itself would give certificate of nuclear proliferation adding if we give aid then we ought to keep conditions.

We are a firm supporter of democracy in Pakistan, she said.

We have alter our policy regarding Pakistan thus want to make direct investment on people of Pakistan, she pointed.

In response to another question, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said that in the past aid given to Pakistan by US was not spent properly thus this time we want it to be spent transparently.

Regarding Al-Qaeda leadership, she again made it clear that it could be present in Pakistan however US wants that lack of trust between two countries must be ended.

Not denying the presence of Black Water in Pakistan, she said that there are some Security Agencies present for security purpose.

She again urged Pakistan and India to come to negotiation table as talks is the only solution to solve thorny issues.

Confidence Building Measures are the need of the hour for both countries, she maintained.

She further strongly condemned Peshawar Bomb blast terming such incidents as heinous.

She made it clear that we donít view those killed in terrorism incidents and drone attacks with the same eye.

meanwhile talking to delegation of Parliamentarians belonging from NWFP Province and FATA here on Friday US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton again made it clear that undoubtedly FATA and NWFP are hub of terrorism adding US wants strong democracy in Pakistan and its tribal areas.

Sources say that the meeting lasted for quite a while in which matters pertaining to enhancing relations and recent wave of hatred among people of Pakistan on US and others were discussed in depth.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said that drone attacks matter is very serious and we are well aware of the reservations of the Pakistani leadership with US.

Clinton said that the final decision will be taken by the military leadership of both the countries.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said that US respects Pakistan sovergnity thick and thin.

She strongly condemned recent spate of suicide bombing in Pakistan terming it gruesome.

Terrorists have no religion nor any boundary, she pointed.

Hilary Clinton went on to say that US will never leave Pakistan in dire straits adding we know that how many sacrifices Pakistan has given in war against terror.

Our relationship goes far beyond security, she said.

The terrorists can destroy but not build adding US and Pakistan must work together for promoting and normalizing ties, she maintained.

She said that US has announce handsome relief for the affectees of Swat and Malakand and will keep on supporting people in South Waziristan too as we are close allies in war against terror.

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said that US will fulfill promises of ROZ as it is in the prime interest of the United States.

She said that US want to pull Pakistan out of hot waters and are thus determined and resolute to do so.

US respects sentiments of people of Pakistan, she said.

Sources told Online that the Tribal Elders and Parliamentarians again made it clear that drone attacks are not tolerable and acceptable at any cost thus US must halt them immediately.

They expressed their sheer reservations with the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton adding Tribal people are furious with US.

They said that negative impact is being created on the mindset rather than positive one in this regard.


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