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Human Rights Activists' Arrest: Lahore




There's a vast difference between peaceful democratic activists and militant religious extremists.  Both happen to  oppose  military rule and Emergency in Pakistan,  but just one of these groups is peaceful, and General Musharraf must understand this.  


No one likes to see the terrorists free to hurt and kill innocent people, including their own innocent fellow citizens.  Unfortunately, instead of doing something effective against terrorism and extremism, Gen.  Musharraf has chosen to muzzle groups that he would need if he were serious about his interest in democracy for Pakistan.


Among the many he has detained and arrested are the Human Rights group in Lahore, including Asma Jehangir, I. M. Rehman and my friend, Salima Hashmi.   The news of police action against their peaceful meeting in Lahore shocked me.  These are some of the people a democratic Pakistan desperately need. 


I am no fan of military rule or corrupt narcissistic   politicians who think they can usher in democracy in that country.  But human rights activists of the country ?  What kind of danger can the possibly pose to the country or the General's  view of the country?


Defying Condi Rice-GWB,  UK & Gordon Brown, and EU may be easy for him (and he knows that however much they criticize him, they won't abandon him at this point), but public outrage both inside the country he muzzled and outside can not be subdued.


I condemn the decision to impose Emergency, and the tactics used since to deprive people that breath of fresh air people desperately needed.  


Dr.  Zafar Iqbal



Chief Justice and his Lawyers




On a TV show ‘Live with Tallat” on 21st May 2007 Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan passed a highly derogatory and the most unbecoming remark about the Chief Justice of Pakistan, lowering his prestige in the eyes of the viewers. He said, "I did not allow him (CJ) to lower the left side window of the car (words to that effect)", implying that the CJ was not allowed by him to talk to any one throughout their 25 hour long journey from Islamabad to Lahore. From his remarks one wonders how helpless has the CJ become in the hands of his political lawyers that he cannot even lower his side of the car window?! How dare a lawyer tell the entire world on the media that he didn’t allow the Chief Justice of Pakistan to even lower his side of the car window.?! Had such a remark been passed by Senator Agha or someone else, the TV talk show host Tallat Hussain would have pounced upon him highlighting the utterance made against the CJ and rubbing this point again and again. Why did he not take Aitzaz Ahsan to task and make him apologize publicly for uttering such a humiliating remark about the Chief Justice of Pakistan? Obviously, because of the biased reporting and projection by the compere of the Aaj TV. Aitzaz has certainly no right to lower the prestigious image of the august Chief Justice of Pakistan in the eyes of the Pakistanis and others by his utterly nonsensical remarks and must apologise publicly on air for it.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


So called claims of freedom of expression in Pakistan



It is claimed that there is unprecedented freedom of expression today in the country. But nobody tells when in the past there was no such freedom from Ayub to Nawaz, people speaking were taken away by the Police for Remand and tried in the courts.

Today if presence of  unprecedented expression is taken as much as is claimed then it should also be accepted that today plain cloth Gestapo takes away the activists in vehicles without number plates.  then  families never come to know their whereabouts. 


Mushtaq Malik



Pro bono help required to file case with Supreme Court


Through this letter I wish to get guidance if any reader can help me how can in most easiest way I address the Supreme Court. I wish to write under my own signature. I understand that there are certain specific norms for addressing such a highest court and a common man like me can not address it without an advocate. Being a common man I can not afford too high fees of supreme court lawyers hence I need a guidance how in some little court fee expense like that of up to Rs. 5000 I as a citizen can send my submissions.

Thanks God I am a Muslim. I believe Islam is very simple easy religion and I greatly wish there is a true Islamic system in our Pakistan. At the same time I also believe no government whether it is of socialist Zulfiqar Bhutto or whoever else it may be has ever stopped people from spending life in accordance with Islamic principles. My belief is those who cry and demand from Governments Islamic system in fact do not want it. They raise such slogans only for vested interests. Introducing true Islamic system in this country is too simple. If every one of us start living exactly in accordance with Islamic system the environment in whole the country would automatically become Islamic. I hate all political parties as they can not deliver anything to the masses. I even hate more parties likes MQM, Tehrik, PML etc as to me these are giving more harm to the country than delivering any good except producing more Sher Afgans. However, I have great respect for Jamat-e-Islami for the simple reason that till today not a single finger could be raised against any individual member of this Jamat. But at the same time I pray this Jamat never comes into power.
I am not and had never been against Mullas or Islamists as a fashion. But I dislike all of them because of only one reason that their actions are totally contrary and against the Islamic teaching while they like tape recorder keep on singing song of Islam islam. This difference between their words and actions is what has made the young frustrated otherwise children of Muslims can never be against Islamic way of life. See for example the news item from Karachi last week that Imam of Sultan Masjid in Defence demanded Rs. 10,000 for delivery of a Nikahnama while he had already taken the fee. On refusal he caught the married man from collars in the mosque. Last week so called Alam On Line was telling in his madarigra fashion how he with tears prayed for welfare of Pakistan in Khana Kaba when he went for Umrah recently. A self labeled Muslim scholar who does not feel any shame holding a degree having passed the examination in 1995 awarded by that internet university according to web site of which university it was established in 2000, what prayers of his will be heard by God. What sort of effectiveness in prayers of such people could be. People like me are well aware of what the life like hell it would be if these so called Islamists came into power.
In the NWFP there is so called Islamic government. It claims to make all rules in accordance with Islamic laws and it has enacted a Hisba Bill which according to them ensures Islamic way of accountability. Under Islamic accountability a fisherman and the Khalifa/Ruler both are accountable in same way. The son of Islamic chief Minister of NWFP this week was apprehended by Murree Police driving a vehicle without number plate. Soon not only the Police after a phone call from Islamic NWFP had to seek apologies from the great son but also had to suspend the foolish police officer who did this sin.
I understand that Government of Pakistan rightly has appealed with the Supreme Court of Pakistan against Hisba Bill. I think the Government of Pakistan is doing a right thing. Through my letter of submission I wish to apprise the Supreme Court that while processing the Hisba Bill case this practical example of great son of Islamic chief Minister may be kept in view to determine what type of Islamic Aadl and Islamic Accountability will practically come under the Bill got enforced.
Any good hoping from these Islamic flag hangers is as wishful thinking as expect a true voice of heart from any sherafghan. These people do everything for their notorious goals. Take the example the Khalifatul Momeen-e-Pakistan Ziaul Hqq on huge expense one day traveled on cycle from his residence to his office telecasting it live on TV. This was a cheap popularity stent. The Islamic chief Minister NWFP for similar cheap popularity once traveled on bus from Peshawar to Lahore showing simplicity of Provincial Khalifa.
Shahid Mahmood


Supreme Court and Human Rights organizations must take notice


Dear Editor


Pakistan police has carried out one of the worst brutalities day before yesterday against innocent citizens who were protesting against mysterious disappearing of their family members. The Police took off the pant of one young gentleman whose father was abducted by Musharraf's Gestapo. I saw the pictures of police brutalities along with names of the police officers who committed these brutalities in Pakistan newspapers. . Such brutalities are in clear violations of:
  • Pakistan's Constitution
  • Law
  • Islamic injunctions
  • Human rights
I request Supreme Court of Pakistan and all Human Rights organizations and media to take note of these brutalities as well as extrajudicial murders of Citizens in Bajaur and kidnapping of citizens by agencies above constitution and above law. In the presence of such brutalities and gross violations of human rights talks of "Enlightened Moderation", "Democracy" and "Tolerance" are the worst jokes of millennium!
With Kindest Regards,
Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque

Mining Afghan border violates international Law


Dear Editor,


It is a disturbing news that Pakistan is going to fence and mine Afghan border( http://english.aljazeera.net/News  December 26,2006). What is astonishing in this respect is that The Ottawa Treaty or the Mine Ban is now an international law.  I hope the Government will not mine the border with Afghanistan as such an action will be a flagrant violation of international law.

Pakistan is maintaining about 80,000 troops on its side of the border.  On  the economic front India has formed a new trade block without Pakistan.  The bloc includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Surely any country with hostile neighbours is an indication that its foreign policy is not successful.  In the case of Pakistan all the attention is given to cultivating American ties and join the American bloc at the cost of Pakistan’s own interests.

In the world we live in, every country looks after its own interest.  Sadly Pakistan has thrown its lot with supporting American foreign policy objectives.  In supporting America’s war on terror Pakistan has destabilised itself.  We saw recently attack on Pakistan barracks killing 40 soldiers.  This was as in retaliation of killing students in a Madrassa in Bajaur.  It was welcome news that Pakistan has made a peace deal with tribal elders and check points were dismantled.  However, building the fence indicates that Pakistan is resorting to force rather negotiating with the tribes.  America with all its might is abandoning its policy of force and is looking for peaceful exit in Iraq.  Surely Pakistan should also look for alternative to force.  Pakistan’s history teaches us that military force has created more problems that it has solved.  Creation of Bangla Desh was a result of Military operation.

In any case, Pakistan’s interests should be foremost in formulating the policies and not the American interest. 

Yours truly,

Shaikh Mohammad




General Musharraf Must Resign Immediately


Dear Editor,

It is a fundamental and basic right of a people of any country to determine who should govern them.  Also the people have a right to change the Government whenever they wish.  The country belongs to the people and not to an individual or group of individuals – whether they may be Generals or Kings.

Sadly peaceful means to bring about a change has been blocked by the Military takeover of Pakistan.  The only option that remains is a violent one where everyone suffers.  Will General Musharraf resign forthwith and let a civil society take root in the country?

After all, Pakistan was formed through the efforts of the people of Pakistan and the country can only be sustained through the will of the people and not through force.

The murder of civilians in Bajaur where students were murdered was too much to stomach.  Pakistani Government falsely justified the attack by saying that they were targeting militants.  Similar explanations are given by US and Zionist state of Israel when they attack civilians in Iraq and Palestine respectively.

It was made clear that as a result of this atrocity that people were in a revengeful mood.  Instead of appointing a Commission of Enquiry, General Musharraf banned the entry of foreign and local journalists to visit the scene giving further proof that there was a crime committed and the Government was intent to cover it up.

In the absence of an enquiry, the matters now have been exacerbated and what we see is the natural outcome of events.  I refer to the dozens of soldiers killed in an explosion at an army camp.  This we understand is a result of a bomb detonated by a person killing himself http://english.aljazeera.net (November 8,2006).  This is exactly what is happening in occupied Iraq and Palestine.

The only thing that can save Pakistan is the immediate resignation of General Musharraf and handing over the country to an interim caretaker government which will rule the country until an election is held within 2-3 months.

Shaikh Mohammad            

United Kingdom


The Story of another shadowy colonel


Dear sir,


Hardly there is any day or any local or Pakistani newspaper abroad which does not contain a letter on this topic of the other from Col (Retd) Riaz Jafri.  Once he complained that his friends are shy that he was pro-Musharraf whereas he, as he claimed, he was not. But the regular must noted that while he touches every subject in his eyes General Musharraf and circle around his can do nothing wrong.  He would never touch subjects like  recent abducting of a SJ retired brigadier etc. He would never touch subjects eg his professional brothers in the latest column Pakistan or Scandalistan have mentioned quoting 3 biggest ever financial scandals in Railway all when military personnel were ruling Rilway.


Col. Jafri in his latest, as usual, has stated that daily newspapers are filled with advertisements both from government and private company requiring to recruit ex servicemen.  He says this is due to the reason that ex-servicemen are intelligent, hard working, punctual, disciplined, better productive etc hence now employers prefer recruiting them.


Early seventies all of a sudden from our biggest semi government industrial unit the civilian head was transferred and came an active service in uniform.  Our project was commercial oriented.  The uniformed head with military stick in hand was not used to listen “No” or any contrary comments. The result was in the meeting the professional engineers, scientists,  commercial experts,  highly skilled supervisors all started remaining silent and did not offer their comments except Yes Sir.  The result was the project soon started taking loans from banks for payment of salaries.  One may believe it or not once private auditors report stated we recommend stopping of production, advising all staff to remain home, only essential staff like gardeners, security guards, sewerage cleaners to remain on duty.  The auditors stated rest of the staff may come on first of every month to fetch salary. According to Auditors this would save the company about Rs. 2 projects a years which losses it was incurring by keeping the project run.


After 1965 war the trend of appointing ex servicemen in civilian departments started.  There was some preference from the Government and at some places it was thought wise.  I was in late sixties in a big private firm dealing with clearing and forwarding.  In this business there was a lot of corruption even if your cargo is clean and honest and without any “extra money” no work used to be get done timely though the company would later recover it from clients sitting in Lahore, Peshawar who naturally first protested.  Our Managing Director one day appointed a retired Major ABC as Liaison Officer. Every one of us was surprised as our firm had nothing to do with any liaisoning.  He was appointed at a salary of Rs. 5000 a month with car.  It was a very big salary whereas the Major had retired getting about Rs. 3500/-.  Since there was no liaisoning issue involved hence we the staff did not send any file to him. But soon we realized the wisdom of the Managing Director. If a file is un-necessary struck say with Customs House or Ports only facing an un-necessary objection,  our field staff would bring back the file, we will hand over the file to Major ABC.  He would pick up his stick and file and straight away go the concerned table at Customs introducing himself as Maj. ABC – what is problem with this file.  How could make objection to any Major during those day. In a hour or so the file would get cleared, the  accompanying field staff would complete rest of the formalities, Major Sahib will take the car and go to see some friend.  In two three months we realized due to wisdom of the managing director the company was saving Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 from “sweet” expenses only on the expense of Rs. 5000 a month.    


In sixties or seventies this trend was for small purpose but today in two thousands purposes for employing retired has enlarge.  To understand one needs to remember last years on report published by weekly South Asia Tribune.  It stated an old age retired Brigadier who is father in law of a big gun, was appointed by a very small unknown firm of Faisalabad. He was given a salary of Rs. 150,000 a month plus commission on business he obtained for the company.  He had no professional educational at all.  With in six months the company got millions of worth  Contracts awarded to it without inviting other firms. The company was given contract despite the fact technically it had to past experience of doing work on big projects and despite very high costs quoted. 


Nazir Multani,

Multan, Pakistan


Amir Cheema And Die Welt


Dear editor,

Regarding Die Welt (a German newspaper), death of Amir Cheema, and the response of the Pakistani govt. especially the foreign office constrain me to share with the readers the following excerpt from my book "Memoir of my stay in Berlin".

Having been disengaged illegally and without any reason from a PhD research project at German Arthritis Research Center (DRFZ), Berlin, I invited attention of various German newspapers towards the highhandedness of the institute vide a letter dated 07.02.03. One of the responses to the letter was from Ms Silvia Meixner (meixner@welt.de) from the English section of the daily Die Welt. On her invitation by e.mail dated February 24, 2003, I spoke to her on telephone number 2591- 73636 which was given by her. She commented, "Your way is contrary to your leaders". I enquired, "What do you mean?" She replied, "They don't raise their heads in front of us". Having listened to this comment, there happened an exchange of hot words and a halt to the conversation consequently. Now, I think she was right. Amir Cheema's case has been dumped and German Ambassador to Pakistan has been offering various incentives to keep the Pakistani head down. We, Pakistanis, still do not know what discussion happened between Amir Cheema and the editor-in-chief Roger Koeppel of Die Welt? The German version of the story can't be believed.


Dr. Qaisar Rashid

Ferozepur Road, Lahore.


A Wild Goose Chase


Dear Khawaja Ashraf

A wild goose chase has been going on for the last ten years in the political circles of Pakistan. Cases are created, cases are built, cases are propagated. Each time it is boastfully acclaimed that now it will be the end with Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. With each case, hype in the media is created and people are informed that this case will force her to quite politics for ever. From the Ehtesab Bureau to the Accountability Bureau, the chase continues unabated. The end that they have been looking or chasing despite spending millions of dollars from the poor men’s taxes is not in sight as yet.

Both bureaus were founded with the aim and claim to eliminate corruption, to weed out social crimes, bring justice and provide relief to the suffering humanity in a country, where miseries refuse to subside. However, behind this claim, these bureaus had been working only with one singular objective, that is to discredit the politicians and the popular leadership of the country. About the rest, they are as oblivious as their predecessors were. They are least bothered about the growing corruption, misdeeds of the chosen few, the manipulative and unjust profiteering method by the market stakeholders, the injustices that the common man has to bear at the hands of the authorities and the mismanagement of our markets. They keep quite.

Sugar is one of the essential items that one requires for living. Sugar crop grows in abundance and Pakistan has always remained self-sufficient. But of lately even this commodity has become out of reach. Its prices has increased by hundred percent. What was sold for Rs. 21/- per kg is available now at Rs.42/-. This price hike did not come overnight. It was gradually allowed to come up this level.

Everybody in the country knew for the last three years that a crisis is imminent. The profiteers and manipulators were known by all.

But NAB as always on a witch-hunt against politician, failed to come up to the expectations of the public even in this matter. They could not deliver where they should have. It was after much public pressure and media fanfare that NAB took up the matter and initiated a probe in the sugar scam, but within three days it stepped out of the probe. The stakeholders were too powerful for them to handle. They could not touch them. With one single warning from the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association, they retreated and shelved off the probe from the public eye.

They could not stop the sugar cartel from pocketing huge profits and could not hold them accountable for tax evasion on the import of 400,000 tons of duty free raw-sugar. They failed to investigate various cases of sales tax evasions by the millers running into Rs.326/- million. They failed to take notice of the money that the Trading Corporation of Pakistan had given Sugar Mills for the procurement of 400,000 tons of sugar a year ago and their refusal to hand over the commodity. NAB could not take them to task for concealing 314,000 tons of sugar stocks in their possessions. The growers are still waiting for their dues to be paid by the millers, despite the fact that three years have passed, but NAB has never thought of providing them relief.

The time has come that NAB has to justify its existence and the huge amount of money spent on them and on their wild goose chase.

The Human Rights Cell of the Pakistan Peoples Party demands that organization such as NAB should be disbanded immediately, as they have failed to come up to its expectations and they are a burden on a poor country’s meager resources.


Fauzia Wahab

Member National Assembly and

Central Coordinator

Human Rights Cell

Pakistan Peoples Party

Karachi, Pakistan


Kalabagh Dam



An retired fauji now English columnist titled his weekly write up ‘But would there be any Dam?. He says every six months or so nation hears construction of Kalabagh Dam is going to start very soon but there actually be. I tell you it is only God who knows if Kalabagh Dam would be made or not but one thing I know that it would never been during Pervez Musharraf rule. Pervaiz Musharraf is the most strongest ruler Pakistan has seen but at the same time he is the most weakest ruler too. His chair is standing only on the pillar of cronies, looters, turncoats. Whenever he wants to show the nation that he has courage the air from his balloon is pulled immediately by those on whose strength his is standing.

He tried to show his mussels towards Bugti and Kalabagh immediately his one pillar MQM gave ultimatum to pull away from him. Today’s newspapers tell he and Shaukat had one hour and forty minute phone talk with U.K. nationality holder leader and pledged with him that Bugti and Kalabagh dam issues will be solved by consensus which in other words mean we are slowly withdrawing from these issues. Issues like Kalabagh or Bugti etc will be solved in a very short time but only when such a leader came he would have no love or care for his own chair but only care of the country. There is a very simple thing if all these turn coats, cronies are from heart with Musharraf as he tries to tell the nation then why they do not support him. A WAPDA Chairman spent crores of rupees in preparation of summaries, note, schemes, studies supporting the Construction of Kalabagh Dam but as soon as he retired it dawned on him that Construction of Dam would destroy NWFP.      

Zaffar Mahmood

Nowshera Cantt.


Current regime and law and order


Dear Khawaja Ashraf,


The Pakistan Peoples Party is concerned that members of the regime are harboring criminal elements with a view to rig elections and contributing to the deteriorating law and order in the country.


An example is the recovery of a kidnapped persons from the premises of a parliamentary secretary belonging to the ruling Party. His name is Khalid Asgher Ghurral. According to media reports, the city police raided the parliamentarian's house on November 14, 2005 in search of the kidnapped man. Amongst the criminal elements were two proclaimed offenders and five criminals who had found refuge in the house of the Parliamentarian. The car used in the kidnapping was an official government car with the identifying green number plate of LHR-2515 which must have belonged to the Parliamentarian.


The raid took place on the Police complaint of the father of the victim who accused the Parliamentarian of kidnapping his son. No action has been taken against the Parliamentarian despite the Police complaint, the recovery of the kidnapped person from his house, the identification of the car used in the kidnapping and the presence of several criminal elements.


In fact the Parliamentarian has had the arrogance to deny that any raid took place on his house. However, the said raid and recovery were confirmed by the local Gujrat Police as well as Deputy Superintendent Police Mahmood Hassan Qureshi, in charge operation for the recovery of Tayyab son of Bashir Ahmad.


This is not the first time that an MPA was found involved in criminal activities. Two years ago a provincial minister of the Punjab government was kidnapped to settle a monetary dispute as the minister traded in smuggled cars over which the dispute had arisen.


Surprisingly the National Accountability Bureau, which has been hounding political leaders belonging to the PPP government elected in 1993, has not found it convenient to prosecute political leaders associated with the Musharaf regime about whom even the media has written.


The PPP had fought against corruption. This is why the corrupt elements had ganged up to destabilize democracy. They tried to use the corruption card as offensive defense to perpetuate their corrupt stranglehold on the economic and banking contours of the country.


We are drawing your attention to this matter so that you may raise your voice to put an end to political victimization through the present establishment NAB and instead support a transparent and impartial accountability system that can catch criminal elements who try to hide behind dictatorial regimes and thus invite and perpetuate dictatorship.


The immunity given to corrupt elements under the Musharaf regime makes a mockery of the Musharaf oath of good governance as the “reason de etre’ for the military coup of 1999.


The revelation of a Pro Musharaf Parliamentarian's involvement in abduction and kidnapping with impunity is another glaring example of how the people of Pakistan suffer under a regime which denies them their fundamental right to elect their own government freely.


The Human Rights Cell of the Pakistan Peoples Party would like you to take up the issue of the two corrupt parliamentarians cited here as well as raise your voice against the excesses of the present accountability bureau while supporting the establishment of one which can take to task those corrupt elements of the last six years that have flourished while Musharraf exploits the war against terror to perpetuate his dictatorship.




Fauzia Wahab


Member National Assembly and

Central Coordinator

Human Rights Cell

Pakistan Peoples Party

Karachi, Pakistan


Maulana Qadri and Israel


Dear editor,


Moulana Ajmal Qadri has revealed that for the last many years he had been regularly visiting Israel with his followers and that Israel should be recognized. As far as his contention that Israel should be recognized is a real need of time. The fact should remain that it was Begum Abdia Hussain who as Pakistani Ambassador to US had the vision, boldness and courage to raise her views openly that Israel is a reality and should be recognized. I agree to Ajmal Qadri that if Arabs are sitting in lap of Israel why should we not recognize it. Last month by a Gulf state Bahrain has imported medical machinery made in Israel.


I respect religious leaders. I do not hate them as a fashion as mostly we hear and read criticism against them. They may be too rigid to their believes, divided into their own small sects but the true fact is that unlike our other leaders mostly they are not turncoats and have not been found indulged in mass scale irregularities or corruption. This is admirable. The worst critics of religious parties like columnist Ayaz Amir etc have recently openly and in large scale acknowledged and praised that before the Government these people came without caring for their publicity to the aid of earthquake victims.


However, with my due respect I cannot even for a single minute believe on statement of Ajmal Qadri that he had regularly been visiting Israel. Pakistanis visit to Israel is very rare. Many years back I read how one or two Pakistani students studying in USA were part of a students official group visit to Israel and how both of them were under constant high scrutiny during their visit as they narrated in an article later. A Pakistani’s visit to Israel could never had been so secret particularly when he claims visiting regularly with group of followers. There is no dirt of enemy of Pakistan who had not spare even a single such visit making it a political and propaganda extent through world media. It is also unbelievable that the world media for the last 15 years remained so ignorant. Our religious parties are most equipped to have access to information of other religious parties to make score over others. One can see eg. Jamat-e-Islami in Pakistan is so source full that publications attached to this party always publishing revealing stories. It cannot be believed other religious parties for all these years could know visit of a Ajmal Qaadri or knowing well these alleged visits these parties remained silent by not declaring Ajmal Qadri “something”. I can not believe even for a minute.









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