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                                          Tuesday September 06, 2011







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The Life of Jinnah


Karore Commanders Meet Again

General (R) Flathead


“General Phonphan! is agenda for today’s Karore Commanders’ meeting ready?” asked general Rathead while taking the head seat on the long green conference table.


“Yes sir, “replied general Phonphan.


Other Karore commanders were already sitting around the table before general Rathead arrived. Their aids and staff members were also present on the side just in case any of the Karore commanders needed any file or had any immediate question.


Each one of the Karore commanders was dressed in well ironed uniform. The glow of starch of their uniforms shined through their eyes. They all were as attentive as ever, because they didn’t want to miss a word uttered by general Rathead. Although general Rathead was the busiest person in Pakistan, because he had to chair so many meetings, nonetheless he always found time and took special interest in Karore commanders’ meetings. General Phonphan always personally made sure that every Karore commander was present in the meeting and all necessary items including pandans and ugaldans were there.


“Comrades, today, we will discuss our internal and external situation. General Dhuan will present report on internal fronts and I’ll report on my external adventures………Yes, general Dhuan, please submit your report?”


“Yes sir, I have the report on internal front, but, before I present my report, general Gulgula likes to speak about a very important matter.”


“General Phonphan, if general Gulgula had such an important item why it is not included in the agenda?” General Rathead questioned general Phonphan.


“Sir, general Gulgula came a little late. I was too busy to check the geo positions of pandans and ugaldans. I allowed him to speak about the issue before discussion starts about internal and external situation.” Replied general Phonphan softly.


“Okay, general Gulgula! What is it? Please proceed.” Ordered general Rathead!


“Sir, I would not have dared to present out of agenda item, but it is military’s inside item, that is why we cannot put it off.” General Gulgula tried to cover general Phonphan and explain it to general Rathead.


“By all means, by all means, if it is military’s internal issue, general Gulgula, we must address it first. Now, please go ahead.” Ordered general Rathead!


“Yes sir, we have about 300 generals, but we want to promote about 26 more Brigadiers as Major Generals. It is utmost important. All of them are doing wonderful job….. But…..”  General Gulgula left his sentence unfinished.


“But what……?” asked general Rathead inquisitively.


“But sir, we have not followed the official procedures to recommend their promotion.” General Gulgula completed his unfinished sentence.


“Well, well, 300 generals are not really enough. We have to do so many things. These bloody civilians always create mess. We have to clean it up. Its okay let us promote 26 more Brigadiers and appoint them Major generals. The boys need appreciation for their hard work. Official procedures can wait.” Said general Rathead excitedly!


“Well done sir, well done. We salute you for your leadership.” All Karore Commanders stood up in their chairs, saluted general Rathead and sat back.


“Now, can we proceed with the rest of the agenda?” General Rathead asked general Dhuan.


“Sir, can I suggest something?” implored general Dhuan.


“What is it general Dhuan?” Inquired general Rathead!


“Sir, can we discuss internal and external situation later? I suggest we should celebrate the promotion of our twenty six new colleagues.” Suggested general Dhuan.


“Yes, yes, my boys. It is a good suggestion. You must celebrate the promotion of your 26 new colleagues, and I’ll see you at next Karore Commanders’ meeting.” All Karore commanders stood up and they again saluted General Rathead. General Rathead graciously saluted them back and left the meeting hall.



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