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                                             Tuesday September 06, 2011







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Pakistan Weekly's Policy

● What kind of Pakistan we want? Do we want that Army Chiefs should hire and fire prime ministers? Do we want a Pakistan ruled by military dictators?  Do we want a Pakistan ruled by theocrats? Or do we want to take charge of our country and rule it the way we like it in a democratic fashion with consensus among ourselves? Or do we even care about our country? Pakistan Weekly offers you space to discuss your ideas and enlighten your fellow Pakistanis across the globe.


● If you have some ideas that you like to share with your fellow Pakistanis and the world at large? Please write and email us your write-up. Remember a picture is worth thousand words, you include pictures in jpg or gif format your write-up can be me more effective.


● If you don't know how to write, imagine you are writing to your the best friend (it can be your girl  or boy friend).


● Pakistan Weekly doesn't pay to its writers  but if you become a feature writer you will be compensated for your write-ups.


● Pakistan Weekly does edit letters to make them pithy and to the point. If you write letter please include your name, name of your town and your daytime phone number.


● Pakistan Weekly does reserve the right to accept or reject any write-up. If we select your writing for publication, we will email you that week's electronic Pakistan Weekly.


● Pakistan Weekly is equal opportunity employer. Pakistan Weekly doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or origin of nationality.


If you have any questions about employment, publishing your write-ups, please direct your inquiries to the editor at:



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