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Ashraf's Articles

1.Enforce law across the board

2.Constitution, rule of law and Musharraf's-democracy

3.What democracy can do for Pakistan?

4.There are only two model democracies: UK and US

5.The curse of military rule in Pakistan

6.Celebrating September 11?

7.Concentration of powers will destroy Pakistan

8.Behind the veil

9.Constituional amendments

10.Are Pakistanis Yajooj Majoojs?

11.Pakistan's two internal threats: politically-motivated generals and mullahs

12.There is no substitute to democracy

13.Save the constitution and save Pakistan

14.The illusion of Islamic state

15.The power belongs to the people

16.Our hats off to illiterate and poor-Pakistanis

17.Tony Blair's wise decision

18.1973 Constitution: A guiding light

19.Arms Control Regime: The right answer

20.Musharraf's presence may facilitate extremists' takeover of Pakistan

21.Iron curtain or illegal iron hands

22.Pakistani nation's dilemma

23.The equation of power in Pakistan

24.Japan: The land of the sons of the Sun

25.Terrorism: General Zia's ghost

26.Rule of law is more important than  continuity of policies

27. India should follow Israel's example

28. US should adopt 4 way partnership policy in South Asia

29. The inside aggressors

30. Dictators inspire, promote and spread terrorism.

31.Will monkeys rule Pakistan forever?

32.Smaller provinces have right to secede

33. Is China afraid of democracy?

34. Lectures about democracy?

35. Stop genocide in Balochistan

36. Induct clause 3 in article 6 of the constitution

37. Is Waziristan next battleground for US and Al Qaeda?

38. General Musharraf's stinky remarks

39. General, you are in violation of writ of state

40. Imams who advertised cartoons are the real culprits

41. A friendship no longer "Higher than Himalayas and deeper than seas."

42. India-US nuclear agreement

43. Another military solution

44. Pakistan's one party political system

45. Why general Jehangir Karamat falls from grace?

46. President Bush's comprehensive immigration reform bill is the best option

47. Who will be Pakistan's real leader?

48. ISI must stop intervention in American political system

49. Ishaq Dar must reveal what he knows about Shaukat Aziz

50. How media can help to fight religious violence?

51. Has general Musharraf prepared ground for disintegration of Pakistan?

52. Real, fake and failed states: where does Pakistan stand?

53. Election Commission should adopt 'Charter of Democracy' as a basic document

54. US should reject generals as ambassadors from Pakistan

55. Smart thieves of Islamabad

56. Criminalization of Pakistan Army

57. If general Musharraf wants to learn...!

58. Democracy in Pakistan is indeed an international matter

59. Is General Musharraf a man eater?

60 Wardi, politics and desire to serve the people

61. Violence and more violence

62. Creation, promotion and perpetuation of culture of illegitimacy

63 Has general Musharraf laid foundation of Talibanistan within Pakistan?

64. Armed Forces of Pakistan should arrest Gen. Musharraf

65: Sharpening political divides among military leadership

66: General Musharraf should resign in the interest of Pakistan

67: It's crime to use military weapons and tactics against civilians in no war zone

68: Pakistani Americans: Please get out and vote

69: Possible Iraq Solution

70: Scrap the whole Hudood Ordinance.

71: Who should people of Pakistan turn to?

72: General Musharraf: A man without credibility

73: Moderates vs. extremists is a fake electoral issue

74: Why International Criminal Court (ICC) must arrest and try general Musharraf?

75: Muslims living in the Western countries

76: Pak Army's political control is the mother of all ills

77: Pakistan needs a Hyde park in every city

78: 200 lb guerilla in the middle of things

79: Civilianization of Pak Army

80: Not without uninterrupted electric supply

81:Criticism of (Illegal) President, (Outlaw) Army, (Pliant) Parliament and (Subservient) Judiciary Must Continue

82: Illegal Army Chief, Illegal President General Musharraf's illegal action

83: Conspiracy against the general?

84: Of course, Prime Minister's personal

assets are fattening

85: Retired generals should be sued for their during service illegal acts

86: Establishing the writ of the constitution

87: Unfounded American fears about Pakistan

88: The Sun of democracy is about to rise in Pakistan

89: What if general Musharraf is re-elected?

90: People of Pakistan share their pains with the people of Myanmar

91: General Musharraf's war on Pakistan's moderate middle class

92:The crux of Pakistan's political crisis

93: Why general Musharraf is a main suspect in Benazir's assassination

94: .......But general's men killed Benazir Bhutto

95: Few more FIRs against general Musharraf

96: Media channels should educate people about their rights and obligations

97: A step forward to constitutional, parliamentary and judicial freedom

98: Musharraf: A symbol of lawlessness, tyranny and barbarism

99: Political struggle will continue in Pakistan until....

100: Law must be stronger than the strongest man in Pakistan

101: How to establish a truly independent Supreme Court

102: Musharraf is neither elected nor legal President

103: Pakistan needs new economic thinking

104: Dance of Death and Destruction continues in Pakistan

105: Immediately restore judges without ifs and buts

106: Few solutions for Pakistan's mounting problems




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