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MQM and Revolution

Altaf Hussain, MQMís Chief, a man with inflated ego and twisted political reality, knows how to maintain his hold on his followers and use them to generate political ripples in Pakistani socio-political reservoir.


Nowadays he has started talking about revolution. Like the adage that charity begins at home the revolution also begins at home. MQMís home is Karachi. Has MQM established revolution in Karachi? If Karachi with the current state of affairs is the example of Altaf Hussainís revolutionary model than Pakistanis definitely need to be worried about their country.


Let us first look around at countries with multiple socio-economic and political models. For this purpose, we do not need to go too far. India on Pakistanís one side and China on the other have lived with multiple models for a while now. Both have set excellent examples.


In India, many provinces practically have Marxist governments. One of former Chief Ministers of a province with Marxist government became Indiaís Prime Minister. The Marxist governments have relatively done well, but could not expand beyond their boundaries. Their revolution has remained within the confine of their geographical territories and that is in the presence of well established Marxist tradition and a strong Marxist political party of India.


In China, Chinese co-opted Capital System when Hong Kong was handed over back to them. The citizens of Hong Kong were very concerned about their socio-economic and political model. The then Chinese President introduced the slogan of one country and two systems. Since then, China has thrived with both systems in their geographical territories. Hong Kong has remained an economic success model even after two and half decades of departure of British colonists. The Socialist China has its own success stories to share with the contemporary world. The arrangement of two systems and a one country has so far worked well.


MQM has remained part of successive governments. In Musharraf era MQM had total control on Karachi. Why it did not start the revolution then and change the socio-economic set-up in Karachi to set a model for the rest of the country. Obviously MQM was not interested in revolution then. If it were it would have launched revolution in Karachi, but it did not.


Let us look at this issue from another angle. Karachi is the home of four communities: 1) UrduĖspeaking, 2) Sindhis, 3) Pashtoons and 4) Punjabis with many other small communities. How is the inter community relationship in Karachi particularly, the relationship of Urdu-speaking community with the rest of the communities. One should not forget that all members of Urdu-speaking community do not subscribe to MQMís ideology.


With this kind of scenario within Karachi where MQM shares the city with many other communities if it could not bring the revolution how it can bring the revolution in the home provinces of other communities with whom MQM does not enjoy good relationship within Karachi?


The political agenda Altaf Hussain is trying to push through by putting up grand shows in Karachi and telecasting telephonic sermons to advance the cause of revolution elsewhere without establishing revolution in Karachi during all these years smell fishy and sounds lofty.


If Altaf Hussain is sincere with the cause of revolution he should establish the revolution in Karachi and make it a model for the rest of the Pakistan. If there can be two systems in India and China why not in Pakistan. MQM should start the revolution in Karachi and let the rest of the Pakistan follow.


Obviously, Altaf Hussain is not a revolutionary leader and MQM is not a revolutionary party, neither he nor his political organ is interested in revolution, therefore, it is good slogan but lacks political sincerity.



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