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Bringing Clarity In Collective Pakistani Thinking

Pakistani TV channels are doing excellent job. They have played pivotal role in moving the wheel of history forward in Pakistan. They have made major impact on Pakistani politics, culture, society and collective Pakistani thinking.


However, still there is room for improvement. So far what Pakistani media has done is it has brought the issues of governance, politics and culture in the forefront. It has also very successfully highlighted the issues of people of Pakistan such as poverty, hunger, health care, uneven economic levels of the people and shortages of water and power supply.


The people who are highlighting these issues are politicians of government and opposition parties, mullahs of different brands, representatives of legal bodies and prominent journalists.


So far it is so good. We needed all these efforts to move the wheel of history forward in Pakistan, which has started churning in slow motion, but it is not at the level where it can create necessary impact to alter the fundamentals of Pakistani society.


Thanks to these TV channels, we all know where the problems are and what the problems are. Also, we have somewhat the idea of the forces behind these problems. We also know how serious or non-serious those forces are about resolving these problems.


Regardless of this advancement, the people are still confused. They really do not know where the socio-political explosives are hidden in the system which keep exploding time to time and making the situation worse than before.


We suggest, in order to identify those explosives, TV channels should give at least one hour of twenty hours of their time to identify those explosives and help find ways to confine and get rid of those explosives.


For example, the people discussing issues of Pakistan and Pakistani people are either politicians, or mullahs or journalists or in some programs, we directly hear peoples’ opinions about various issues.


The problem with this scenario is that politicians, mullahs and journalists have their agendas. They either use these media interactions to enhance their parties’ agendas, to cover their leaders’ misdeeds, or put down their opponents. Mullahs and journalists are not any different. They support or oppose certain views. In most of the cases, those views are either pro government or anti government.


What is missing in this whole scenario are the members of various disciplines or experts of the relevant fields of Pakistani academia.


For example, there are many sound Pakistani intellectuals who are working in Pakistani universities or foreign universities in various fields.


Media channels should arrange their series of lectures on fundamental issues to bring clarity in Pakistani mainstream thinking.


For example, instead of politicians or mullahs or journalists, the political scientists such as Rasul Bux Rais and Hasan Askari Rizvi should talk in series of lectures about the hidden explosives in the Pakistani political system.


They should explain to the people if Pakistan’s name should be Democratic Republic of Pakistan or Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They should explain to the people when we have the clauses in the constitution of Pakistan like “The sovereignty belongs to Allah” or “no law can be made against Quran and Sunnah”, what kind of complications such clauses generate in the system. The politicians, the mullahs, and the journalists should shut-up and listen to these experts and their suggestions on these matters and then try to improve the system in the light of their suggestions.


We do not need emotional responses on these issues, emotional responses from mullahs or politicians who subscribe to mullahs ideologies to keep them in line for their political purposes. These are serious matters. The life and the death of the sate, the well being of the citizens of the state, depend on the resolution of such matters.


These are just couple of examples otherwise, there are many more explosive mines in Pakistani socio-political system which keep exploding time and again and make us cry about extremism, terrorism, suicide bombings, bloodshed and so much other nonsense.


I appeal to the management of GEO, ARY and all other TV channels to dedicate 1/24 hour of their time for Pakistani experts to deliver series of lectures on fundamental issues which deal with collective Pakistani thinking.


Highlighting the issues is great service, but creating clarity in collective Pakistani thinking is the way to move forward socially, culturally, economically and politically.   



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