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Fixing the Broken Basic Life Supporting Systems in Pakistan

Today the people of Pakistan are trying to survive without any life supporting system. No electricity, no water, no gas, no proper sewerage system with grave shortage of items of daily use tell the story of miseries the people of Pakistan are facing. This scene is not limited to one small town, or a one city, in one particular province. This is the scene across Pakistan, from Karachi to Khyber. The people of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhutoon Khawa deal with issues related to these broken basic life supporting systems every where.


They are burning tires on the roads, shouting slogans, burning effigies to draw attention of the people in power to these issues, but only face the police brutality in response from the government which does not have time for the people of Pakistan. Yes, they have time for many other shenanigans including decorating Pakistani medals of honor on the shoulders of  foreign dignitaries, meet the flocking American, European, and  Middle Eastern envoys and discuss war against terrorism and  talk about raising funds which never reach to the people of Pakistan anyway, but they have no time for the people of Pakistan.


The parliament, which looks more like a flock of vultures, has practically done nothing within last two years. The highly propagated 18the amendment took hardly few hours to pass. Other than that, the members of the parliament are available for public appearances, participate in media programs, but they do not address the peoplesí issues on the floor of the parliament. Why donít they, it is beyond our comprehension. If US Congress and British Parliament can start hearings on issues of public interest and take steps to resolve them why Pakistani parliamentarians donít?


It is about time the parliamentarians address the peoplesí issues on the floor of the parliament and offer some viable solutions. Since government is non-responsive, the foremost attention should be paid to the broken basic life supporting systems such as electricity, water, gas, and sewerage.  At least, the people should have some sort of relief to maintain their livelihood.


If parliament does not have the power or the money to fix the basic life supporting systems at least they have the power to legislate. They have the power to create institutions and management boards to deal with these issues.


We suggest, if nothing else, in order to rebuild the broken life supporting systems such as electricity, water, gas and sewerage the parliament through its act should create Utility Districts throughout Pakistan.


The Utility Districts should be comprised of Board of Directors elected from among the businessmen in all major cities of Pakistan. These Utility Districts should be responsible to set-up electricity generation plants, maintain electricity supply both to manufacturing/commercials and domestic consumers. These Utility Districts should also be responsible for Water supplies and sewerage disposal on their under control territories. These Utility Districts can be established in major cities along with responsibility to maintain these systems in small rural towns in their vicinities.


These Utility Districts should be funded by the manufacturing and commercial businesses. They should control and manage these Utility Districts through their elected Boards. They should bill the consumers for maintaining and supplying these services and share the profits.


Creation of these Utility Districts can guarantee more reliable, sustainable and healthy life supporting systems to reignite the life in the dying Pakistan.


Would the parliamentarians act and create these Utility Districts to save the soul of Pakistan?



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