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A Report That Reveals Nothing

 Finally, UN Commission has submitted its report on Benazir Bhutto assassination.  The report has basically made three points: 1) The government of the time did not provide enough of security to Benazir Bhutto, 2) It did not fulfill its responsibility to follow appropriate investigative procedures to investigate the assassination, and 3) it cleared the crime scene too hurriedly and misled possible investigation by holding a press conference very next day in which Brigadier Cheema blamed Baitullah Mahsood for BB’s murder.

UNO Commission prepared this report after 250 interviews in and out of Pakistan. Who this report will satisfy, perhaps PPP government, which has no intentions to investigate and punish the culprit?


Why PPP government spent poor Pakistan’s 50 million dollars to get this report which reveals nothing is beyond anyone’s comprehension?  Any person with little bit common sense and writing skills would have done a better job than the UN fact finding Commission.


Has commission revealed any thing new which was not known to the common folks of Pakistan? Or has it revealed any facts at all?


The most ironic statement has come from Presidential Spokesperson Farhatullah Babar. According to him, the commission did not have the mandate to point out the culprit or the culprits behind BB’s murder. If the commission did not have to point out the culprit or culprits, then why the PPP government ran to UNO to pay 50 million dollars and ask them to establish a commission?


The fact of the matter is the security flaws UN Commission has pointed out in its report about Musharraf regime the same flaws equally or even more severely  fit on PPP government for its negligence to investigate the BB’s assassination.  


PPP leadership, including BB’s spouse, has equally acted irresponsibly. PPP leadership, or Mr. Zardari, did not take necessary legal steps which an assassination victim’s close ones should have taken. As a matter of fact, PPP leadership, and Mr. Zardari, played a major role in diluting the BB’s assassination case. Their constant statements or actions in relation with BB’s assassination seemed more on politically cashing her murder instead of finding the culprits.


Their attitude has not been any different than usual Pakistani pattern of cover-up about dealing with various serious and non-serious crimes. It is more sort of behavior of patronization of crime instead of dealing with crime with iron fist.


The last irony in the whole episode of UNO Commission report is PPP government’s subsequent delay requests.


What is in this commission report which forced PPP government to ask UN Secretary General to delay the issuance of the report twice? Was it an effort to dramatize the issuance of report? Or to make it look  worthy enough to justify the expense of 50 million dollars from national exchequer?  



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