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18th Amendment Won't Make Difference In Peoples' Lives

I started writing about constitutionalism, rule of law and restoration of democracy as soon general Musharraf illegally took over Pakistan on October 12, 1999. Before, Musharraf emerged on the scene I opposed General Ziaís military rule in every possible way in and out of Pakistan.


18th Amendment is indeed good news. Those who worked to put this package together deserve our appreciation and thanks.


However, I do not see much hope for the people of Pakistan in this amendment. Here is it why?


18th amendment does not end the control of Pakistanís tyrant ruling elite over the people of Pakistan.


There is not a single clause in 18th amendment which mentions anything about improving the economic conditions of the people of Pakistan.


For example, the large size of cabinets has gradually become a serious problem in the country. The 18th amendment proposes there should be a limit on the number of cabinet ministers. The suggested limit has been wickedly linked with a percentage of total numbers of members of national and provincial assemblies. The government can appoint 11 percent cabinet ministers. What does it practically mean? The parliament has 329 members. Which means government can appoint 36 or 37 cabinet ministers. The clause does not mention the number of appointment of state ministers. So it will be pretty much the same story. We will have the same number of jackasses roaming around in federal capital and in other cities of Pakistan with Pakistani flags on their cars.


I have quoted this example only to show the cosmetic steps being taken through highly propagated 18th amendment. Otherwise, there are many more such cosmetic steps which will keep the matters in Pakistan business as usual.


The blood sucking ruling elite sitting in the parliament has not mentioned a single word about changing the economic conditions of the people of Pakistan.


For example, deficit budgets are a serious problemóalmost a threat to national existenceóa door for foreign intervention in Pakistanís internal affairs. The 18th amendment has ignored to bind the government to prepare balanced budgets for a certain period of time.


Growing poverty has become a serious threat to national security. The 18th amendment has not mentioned a single phrase which forces the government to formulate and enforce economic polices which insure to end the gap between the earnings of members of upper and lower classes, which widen and strengthen the middle class, and which ends poverty in the country.


I practically see nothing in this amendment which will benefit the people of Pakistan. What 18th amendment will do is create a new balance of power among the members of ruling elite of Pakistan. It will allow them to tread on their old path of loot and plunder without any fear and threat.


This amendment will ask pigs to wear lipstick on their lips, but it will not weed out these pigs from Pakistanís ailing social, cultural, political and economic system.


The people of Pakistan will have to continue to fight against Pakistanís cruel ruling elite to bring back dignity, honor, and some ease in their social, cultural, political and economic lives.


So I will not beat my drums to join the party of Pakistanís ruling elite over passage of 18tth amendment. Iíll wait until I see some vital signs of ray of hope on the faces of people of Pakistan.



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