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Media and the Soft Revolution In Pakistan

Like other segments of Pakistani society, Media is full of black sheep. Regardless, the information emanating from various news and views sources are changing Pakistan’s social, cultural and political landscape very fast.


This change is taking place at such a fast pace, most of the segments of society and all state organs are failing to keep up with it.


Pakistani ruling elite went bankrupt the day Armed forces of Pakistan took over Pakistan in October, 1958.


This elite bankruptcy was reinforced after Pakistan’s Federal and Supreme Courts consecutively put seal of approval with favorable decisions to protect the illegal takeovers.


The consequences of these takeovers are evident in Pakistani society’s all strata of life from culture, religion, literature, art, economic to politics.


Someone had to address all these wrinkles vigorously to bring the balance. Pakistani media is precisely doing the job.


Young journalists, mostly from lower middle and middle class, have taken the driving seat.


They are simply superb. They are a hope for new Pakistan. Their relentless efforts to highlight the wrinkles of Pakistani society are slowly but surely bearing fruits. If they continue their struggle no one should underestimate the outcome: a reformed modern Pakistan.


Historically, Pakistan always had a vibrant media. A strong tradition to take governments to head on has always been there. One journalist or the other at a time played a vital role in keeping subsequent governments on their toes.


The appearance of private TV channels has totally changed the social, cultural, economic and political landscape.


General Musharraf’s fall and judiciary’s comeback are two shinning examples of Pakistan media’s achievements.


PPP government, including President Zardari, is playing on the back-foot. The media has forced them to back off. Even the armed forces of Pakistan, the traditional contenders of economic and political power, are treading carefully. They are trying hard to avoid any slip that any TV channel may capture.


The hopeful politicians are also taking their steps carefully. They don’t want to be part of any footage which may destroy their political future.


The importance media has achieved in Pakistan, it puts a very serious responsibility on the shoulders of those young anchors who are leading the social, cultural, economic and political revolution in Pakistan.


While dealing with the wrinkles of Pakistani society they must keep in view that they follow the higher social, cultural, economic and political values. They should not forget they are leading a soft revolution in Pakistan. Therefore, they have to strengthen the right social, cultural, economic and political values in the country. They have to watch for the pitfalls which may damage Pakistan’s social fabric forever.


The most serious pitfall is the over representation of religious elements in the TV programs of various TV channels.


Particularly, GEO is playing havoc in this regard. The way GEO is reinventing Islam through its various programs it is pushing already religiously tarnished Pakistan into further religiosity.


These TV channels must understand the destructive impact of overarching religious values in a society.


All mullahs whose faces we constantly see through TV channels have connections with violent elements. They harbor lawlessness, violence, sectarianism and religious chauvinism in Pakistani society.


While dealing with social, cultural, economic and political wrinkles, the young anchors must watch such pitfalls.


Consciously or unconsciously the soft revolution they are trying to bring in Pakistan must not let any force overarch Pakistani society. They must strengthen constitutionalism, rule of law, democracy in the country. They should also nurture social, cultural and political freedoms. Along with, they should work for reformation of all institutions, particularly, the institutions that deal with peoples’ social, cultural, economic and political rights.   


Pakistanis should feel good about the young media anchors whose efforts are bringing a soft revolution in Pakistan through their persistence, journalistic acumen and wits.    


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