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Pakistan In The Swamp of Paradoxes


Pakistani state has been trapped in paradoxes since its inception. Unfortunately, Pakistan failed as a state to resolve any contradiction that it faced during its brief history of sixty years.


Starting from the contradiction of ‘Pakistan was created in the name of Islam thus it should be ruled by theocrats’ to the ‘System should not derail otherwise democracy will be wrapped’ or ‘So and So is symbol of Federation of Pakistan and if he is removed the federation will fall apart’ are the contradictions which are haunting Pakistan from the day one. Pakistan practically broke in 1971 and the rest of it is falling apart now but Pakistan’s half ass political leaders are still reinforcing the same logic to cover President Asif Zardari’s rear end.


Can someone ask why it was necessary in the first place to make a character like Asif Ali Zardari the President of Pakistan?


Why Pakistan Peoples Party, if it is a political party and not a herd of half grown political animals’ insisted on making Asif Ali Zardari the President of Pakistan?


Why Altaf Hussain so-called Quaid of so-called Tehrik suggested Zardari’s name as President of Pakistan and why rest of the so-called allies of Pakistan Peoples Party voted for Asif Ali Zardari?


Of course, PPP was delusional about Asif Ali Zardari’s shady deals, but what happened to the members of the rest of the so-called political parties who voted for him in Parliament and provincial assemblies?


And what about the international so-called backers of Pakistani democracy UK and United States of America, they supported a criminal like general Musharraf for 8 years and then they agreed to support Asif Ali Zardari as President of Pakistan. Didn’t their secret agencies have enough of data on Asif Ali Zardari to guide them to make right choice for Pakistan if they were seriously interested in replacing Musharraf dictatorship with democracy?


On one hand such contradictions are gradually weakening Pakistan as a state and on the other the lives of 170 million Pakistanis are becoming miserable due to growing social, cultural, and economic and law and order problems.


Those who control state of Pakistan internally and externally are so powerful, deceptive, and full of intrigues that the common Pakistani folks cannot keep up with their influence, conspiracies and wheeling and dealings. Therefore, regardless of their determination, they cannot resolve the contradictions prevailing in Pakistani state structure, system and governance.


Under this scenario, what is supposed to happen is happening. People like Zia, Musharraf, and Zardari come in power, people like Benazir and Nawaz Sharif play their political games, people like Altaf Hussain deliver thunderous, without substance lectures, but practically no change takes place on the ground. The peoples’ lives continue to degrade from bad to worse.


All wicked players, internal and external, must understand this is an ugly picture. It is dangerous and explosive.


They must take steps quick to resolve the contradictions and improve the conditions of life for the people of Pakistan or face unpredictable consequences for letting the situation become worse from bad.




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