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NRO Beneficiaries' Shameful Strategic Tango In Dubai


The stir created by NRO continues even after the ruling party withdraws it from the floor of the parliament.  


Now, they have rushed to Dubai to reconsider their strategy, which they did not have anyway, to consider their modes-operandi to deal with issues created by NRO’s inability to stand in parliament or in the court of law.


NRO is a shamefully pathetic document. It shows the overall incompetence of extremely corrupt Pakistani ruling elite. It shows the incompetence of those who drafted it, those who signed it, those who benefitted from it, those who took it to the floor of the parliament and those who have rushed to Dubai to deal with the aftermath effects of its removal from the floor of parliament without approval or rejection.


While this tango of NRO is going on between different partners in crime at different floors in Pakistan, Dubai and London, the people of Pakistan are restlessly dealing with their day to day problems.


When the beneficiaries of NRO are busy in London, Dubai and Pakistan to use their creative energies to cope with the nasty situation created by NRO what should the people of Pakistan do to deal with the mess in their lives?


The people of Pakistan have many options:


They can leave the things the way they are and continue suffering, continue struggling with their day to day problems, and continue watching their alien rulers’ shameful political games.


Or they can make up their minds and start a new decisive battle against the incompetent, corrupt and out of control ruling elite.


Wasn’t it enough of the corruption that the members of ruling elite commit to have a document like NRO to clean the charge sheets against them?


These corrupt members of ruling elite are dealing with one set of their crimes through NRO, but they have already started new projects to commit more corruption.


Hundreds of stories of corruption are circulating in Islamabad and Karachi. No one is there to question them, investigate them, arrest them and try them for new corruption charges.


Ansar Abbasi published an investigative report about our Iron Man President and his son. They are director of a company, along with two other gentlemen, Iqbal Memon, and Altaf Hussain, who acquired hundreds of acres of land in Islamabad for about 25 thousand Rs per Kanal.


No body can buy 25 thousand Rs per Kanal land anywhere in Pakistan even in for off small towns any longer.


But our Iron Man President, and now his Son is his partner, son like father, allegedly purchased, according to Ansar Abbasi, hundreds of acres of land at the rate of Rs 25 thousand per Kanal.


The people of Pakistan have to think, and they need to think it hard, do these people deserve to be their rulers?


If these members of ruling elite continue committing crimes against their people why the people of Pakistan are not taking them to task? Why the people of Pakistan are simply looking the other way, and letting them commit these crimes?


The people of Pakistan must know that they do have the option and the right to continue replacing their rulers by any means until the system is cleaned and the right people start emerging as leaders.


Isn’t the tango of beneficiaries of NRO in Dubai for them to know the identities of the criminal faces of Pakistani politics?




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