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Democracy Cannot Survive Without Active and Effective Constitution

Today the biggest threat to Pakistan’s democracy is continuing ineffectiveness and helplessness of the constitution.

Constitution is ineffective, because the political arrangement that emerged in result of February 18, 2008 elections has practically shied away from activation of constitution by refusing to undo amendments illegally inducted in the constitution by former dictator general (Rtd) Musharraf.


As a duly elected government, it was PPP’s foremost responsibility to clean the constitution from the illegal infusions. The steps should have been taken in this regard as soon as the elected representatives entered in the parlors of power. Judiciary should have been restored, illegally inducted amendment should have been removed, and the people who adulterated the constitution should have been apprehended and put on trial to assure all stakeholders of Pakistani state that the constitution was back in power.


Judiciary was not restored by the elected government until the people of Pakistan took it to streets and the current Army Chief Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani made few phone calls and trips to President House.


The constitution still has not been cleaned from the contaminations. It is still bleeding, because the people who adulterated it are still free from any fear of constitutional grits. The key adulterer, General (Rtd) Musharraf is still flying around the globe like a free bird.


The parliament, the main seat of power of constitution, is still yawning and engaged in undesirable activities like a late night call girl.


The Judiciary, the main protector of the constitution, is still trying to close the holes through which General (Rtd) Musharraf’s remnants are constantly blowing hot air to maintain the heat under its seats.


Shameless Dogar, who should have been in jail under article 6 clause 2 B by now for active participation in General (Rtd) Musharraf’s constitution’s adulteration process, has eventually started spraying poison in Pakistan’s socio-political atmosphere.


Instead what are we listening from all quarters is, everyone wants to save the system. No one wants the current dull, crude, and ugly democratic system should derail.


PPP’s all spokespersons’ arguments in defense of current system circle around the idea of saving it from derailment.


Main opposition party, PML (N)’s leadership also does not want to be the part of any effort which derails the current system.


What kind of this democracy or this system is which is allowing all criminals, former and present, to continue their activities without any fear of persecution?  And who are the people both on treasury and opposition benches who want to preserve this inactive and ineffective system with handicapped, flawed and limping constitution?


An active and effective constitution is the fundamental requirement to sustain democracy. All those who are trying to keep the constitution inactive and ineffective in hope to save the current dull, crude and ugly democracy are seriously mistaken.


It has never worked before, and it is not going to work this time. Consider this democracy’s days numbered if the constitutional writ is not established on all those individuals and forces who participated in the process of adulteration of the constitution during general Musharraf’s tyrannical rule.


Constitution has to hit all adulterers back with full force to establish its writ. Constitution cannot do it on its own. It can only strike back through the active role of its three important components: Executive, Parliament and Judiciary.


Since, the priorities of all three constitutional components are other than defending the constitution of Pakistan, therefore, the present set-up is definitely destined to perish and once again leave Pakistan in shambles.


The time Executive, Parliament, Judiciary and Media re spending on War on Terror, we wish they would have spend half as much time on re-establishment of writ of the constitution. Pakistan may have already started healing and the nascent Democracy may have already started taking roots in Pakistani society.


Unfortunately, all three components: Executive, Parliament and Judiciary have different priorities.


Constitution is their last priority.   


We want to warn all three branches: Without active and effective constitution, there will be no peace, no democracy and no country, but bunch of criminals roaming around, holding press conferences, and delivering lectures around the globe.




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