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Pakistan: Between Terrorists and Criminal Ruling Elite

The problem of terrorism in Pakistan is more complicated than many analysts think or explain.


Today, Pakistan Army Chief, General Pervaiz Kiyani gave a briefing to the prominent political leaders of Pakistan about overall security situation in the country and possible military operations in Waziristan and Balochistan.


Two of the attendees of the Security Briefing Meeting were named in a recently filed FIR in Dera Bugti City Police Station about the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Balochistan is in hell fire since the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti. How Balochis will react to this Security Briefing Meeting when they will see Awais Ghani’s and Aftab Sherpao’s names among the attendees of the meeting?


One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand.  


Today, Chief Justice of Pakistan issued a notice to recently appointed Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Latif Khosa to defend the charges of receiving 30 lack rupees from a woman from Peshawar to help her husband’s case in Supreme Court. Mr. Latif Khosa was Attorney General of Pakistan few days before he took the oath of the office of Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


These two examples are two grains of sand out of the oceans of criminal acts of the members of the ruling elite of Pakistan.


In other countries when accused with such allegations, people resign from their positions, but in Pakistan people try to become part of the ruling elite to protect them.


Former President of Pakistan, General (rtd) Musharraf illegally took over Pakistan on October 12, 1999. He ruled Pakistan until his ouster on August 18, 2008 with iron fist. During his long 9 years of tyrannical rule, he committed several crimes against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan.


If one FIR is registered for his each crime, there would be thousands of FIRs in all Police Stations of Pakistan.


No one can file an FIR against him in any Police Station. It took three and a half years and Balochistan High Court’s orders to file FIR of Nawab Akbar Bugti murder case against him at Dera Bugti City Police Station.


Before his ouster, general (rtd) Musharraf issued National Reconciliation Order (NRO). One may get easily misguided with the title National Reconciliation Order (NRO), but no reconciliation was intended in this so-called NRO. The idea was to forgive thousands of criminals’ all sorts of crimes from financial corruption to murder charges.


All those who benefited from the NRO are now part of the government in one way or the other.


The biggest beneficiary was slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Mr. Asif Zardari who is now the President of Pakistan.


NRO needs parliamentary protection. Mr. Zardari’s party has introduced the NRO in parliament for its approval.


Thousands of criminal members of the ruling elite will get parliamentary protection if this NRO is approved


One Federal Minister shamefully boasted on national TV: “We are going to approve NRO because we have majority in the parliament.”  


In return, as quid pro quo, general (rtd) Musharraf has immunity from all the crimes he committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan.  


Another major beneficiary of NRO is new born so-called liberal and moderate leader of MQM and his thousands of minions.


Now, he is trying to become a mountain out of a mole or eagle out of a moth through use of GEO and ARY TV channels.


The fearful media tycoons let him use their TV channels to make him look taller than actually he is.  He ran away from Pakistan when hundreds of criminal charges were filed against him for constantly appearing sacks of dead bodies or body parts on the streets of Karachi. He delivers tirades on TV but cannot dare to step back in Pakistan, because he knows his opponents have not forgiven the crimes committed on his orders by his minions against their loved ones.  


He thinks the people have forgotten thousands of sacked dead bodies of mercilessly slain opponents of the then Mohajir Qaumi Movement. The Karachi police called them “Bori Band Lashin.”


The other day, he was trying to impress the people of largest province of Pakistan by delivering few sentences in Punjabi during his tirade.


While using the threatening language against the landlords of Punjab, unconsciously, he linked himself with the rhetoric of “Bori Band Lashin.” He warned the landlords of Punjab: “Warna Othay Aan Gay Boray.” He forgot, by using the term “Boray” he was suggesting his audience to think about all those thousands of “Bori Band Lashian” which were found on the streets of Karachi for which his Mohajir Qaumi Movement was blamed.  


Such is the state of onslaught of hypocrisy and criminality with which the people of Pakistan are dealing.


The people of Pakistan are stuck between the terrorists and criminal ruling elite. Who should they first deal with: the terrorists or the shamefully adamant criminal ruling elite?


On one hand the terrorists are killing them every day through bomb explosions, suicide bombings, and run-away firings and on the other they have to hear pronouncements of members of ruling elite who are visibly known for their criminal histories.


What a predicament? What helplessness? What agony?


We know who these terrorists are? We know where are they coming from? We know how ruthless they are? We are helplessly watching our people killed by their bomb explosions and suicide bombings and cannot do anything about them.  


But would someone one please tells us the details of the criminals of ruling elite who benefitted from NRO before parliament approves it?


The detail  list must start from slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and her widower, current President of Pakistan, and the ‘Holier than Thou’ Altaf Hussain whose sermons are making us now little weary and all other beneficiaries who are the members of current ruling coalition.  



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