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Pakistan Can Survive and Thrive Without Foreign Aid

It saddens us to hear the news, comments, and debates on Kerry-Lugar Bill in Pakistani media.


It is particularly pathetic the way PPP governmentís spokespersons and official commentators and intellectuals are defending or opposing the Kerry-Lugar Bill.


We firmly believe that Pakistan not only can survive without foreign aid it can also thrive and become economically a vibrant country in a short amount of time.


What Pakistan needs is right thinking, political will and right economic policies to come out of all the economic mess and grow as a vibrant country.


These policies do not necessarily need to be revolutionary. However, they do need serious reforms and overhauling to put the economy on the right track.  


In these pages, we have several times pointed out the steps that Pakistan needs to take to become economically vibrant country.


To start with, Pakistan needs to develop economic policies which insure every Pakistani a decent job, a comfortable home, equal educational opportunities, fair business opportunities and solid social, cultural, economic and political security for every Pakistani and Pakistan itself.  


In order to achieve these objectives, Pakistan has to take steps which keep maximum money invested in business activities.


The second most important step the government needs to take is to devise policies which raise the level of poor classes to the middle and also bring down the level of upper classes at the middle level.


This can only happen if entire Pakistani population becomes a middle class. There should be no per se upper or lower classes in the country. Everyone, rich and poor, should have constitutional guarantees of a decent job to provide enough of food on the table, comfortable residence, latest educational facilities for their offspring and permanent financial security.


In this regard, new economic model must provide assurance to the rich classes that their life style will remain intact; however, it would be mandatory for them to invest their extra monies in business activities.


New economic mechanism would be needed to be developed to allow rich classes to maintain their life style by giving those incentives for active participation in Pakistan's infra structure to enable it to grow to the point where our working classes start gaining the benefits of the system and start moving upward to become middle class.


It is doable. However, Pakistanís current economic managers and corrupt political forces do not have the required political will and necessary skills to move Pakistan on the road to self reliance and prosperity.


Instead of begging for foreign aid, Pakistanís current economic managers should follow the model we are suggesting, or step aside and let someone else fix the dire economic problems and let Pakistan become a self reliant and prosperous country without foreign aid or foreign help.


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