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Italian Constitutional Court's Remarkable Decision and Corrupt Pakistani Politicians

The members of ruling elite in Pakistan commit all types of fraud, bribery and corruption related crimes and get away with them without any fear of prosecution. Practically, no one can dare to question, try or punish them for any such crimes.


The foremost example is of former President general Musharraf who committed a large number of serious crimes against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan, but he is wandering around the globe as freeman with good news from current interior minister that there is no case against him in Pakistan and he can return to the country anytime he likes without  fear of trial or prosecution.  


Another example is of Pakistanís current President Asif Zardari who was under investigation by various national and international agencies for longer than a decade, but he sworn in as President of Pakistan without any question of trial or punishment for the wealth he accumulated from unverifiable sources. It seems like former President General Musharraf issued NRO as quid pro quo to protect Mr. Asif Zardari from any investigation or trial.


Several such examples of fraud, bribery, corruption, killings and mafia operations of MQM leaders can be cited. Several of them became ministers, governors and mayors in city, provincial and federal governments. They overwhelmed and crippled the system to make it disable to move against them.  


Like Pakistan, Italy is notorious for fraud, bribery, corruption and mafia operations by the members of its ruling elite.  Current Italian Prime Minister Mr. Silvio Berlusconi faced three fraud, bribery and corruption charges. In one case, Mr. Berlusconiís one British attorney was convicted for accepting $600,000 for false testimony to shield him in two corruption trials. In another case, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is accused of tax fraud during expansion of his media empire.


Last year, Italian parliament passed a law extending immunity from trial to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi during his office term.


On Wednesday Italyís Constitutional Court repealed Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconiís immunity while in office, following an appeal against the legality of the law shielding him from all pending charges and trials.


The ruling by the constitutional court means a number of cases against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of fraud, bribery and corruption can now resume.


Through this landmark decision, Italyís Constitutional Court has upheld the fundamental principle that no one, however rich or poor, powerful or weak, is above the law even if parliament extends him immunity.


We hope the judges in Pakistan will carefully read the decision taken by Italyís Constitutional Court and follow its example to deal with the rampant fraud, bribery and corruption among the members of Pakistanís ruling elite.


There are many powerful criminals in Pakistanís high offices that use their official positions to protect themselves and their close associates from arrests, trials and punishments.  


Following Italyís Constitutional Courtís decision, Supreme Court of Pakistan should repeal all such protections and let the law take course against all such criminals in order to establish a system based on justice, equality and fairness.


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