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Supreme Court Should Clean Up The Corruption Mess

All leading politicians including President of Pakistan should declare their assets with explanation and verifiable sources how they accumulated those assets.


We request the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan to order all leading politicians including President of Pakistan to submit the list of their assets along with verifiable sources how they accumulated those assets.


If any politician fails to provide the list of his/her assets  along with verifiable sources the Supreme Court of Pakistan should disqualify that politician and put restrictions on him and his family to participate in politics for next 10 to 20 years.


Similarly, Supreme Court should restrict the participation of all the offspring of all dictators and the offspring of their abettors in national politics. Election Commission should put the names of those people on its restricted list and heavily advertise their names in their constituencies so that their voters come to  know them and  they look for alternative leaderships.


This process should not end with politicians. After setting the example of politicians, Supreme Court of Pakistan should order the members of Civil and Military bureaucracy including the members of judiciary to file the list of their assets along with verifiable sources of income. If any officer of civil, military and judiciary fails to submit the list of his assets with verifiable sources of income, he should be terminated from his position and  restricted from holding any official position for the rest of his life.


Growing lawlessness, corruption and broken governance system is taking toll on the well-being of Pakistan.


With the presence of these powerful players among politicians, civil, military and judicial bureaucracy, the chances of Pakistan’s recovery seem abysmal.


If these powerful players remain active and influential, there is a higher probability that Pakistan will continue to slide down the hill and eventually  disappear from the map of the world.


These powerful players are already well entrenched in international capital establishment. In case of Pakistan’s demise, they will immediately run away, but the millions of people of Pakistan will face the consequences.


Pakistan must survive. It should survive for millions of Pakistanis who are the real stakeholders and owners of Pakistan.


It is a rudimentary condition for the survival of Pakistan that all ‘nonsense’ should be purged out of its body politics through judicial activism.  


If Pakistani generals imposed 4 martial laws in the country in the name of saving it and cleaning the mess in its body politics then what is stopping Supreme Court of Pakistan from moving ahead and cleaning up all the mess.


We are very confident, if Supreme Court of Pakistan starts moving in this direction, Pakistani media and the people of Pakistan will be on Supreme Court’s side.


Pakistan has reached to the ‘make or break’ point of its history. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, with the help of honest members of civil, military and judicial bureaucracy and media, can make it a real country through judicial activism.


Supreme Court should start this process from politicians, cut through other important wings of government, and other segments of Pakistani society and continue it until all such elements are neutralized and eliminated from Pakistan's body politics and governance.



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