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Who Defames Army And The Other Institutions?

General (R) Flathead 

In his speech, general Musharraf said he would not allow anyone to defame army or any other institution.


Firs, we want to let the general know that the people of Pakistan are not afraid of his army any more. They are not afraid of his fists or his threatening statements. They are not afraid of his army because we have removed the fear of army out of their hearts and minds.


While general Musharraf was busy weaving conspiracies to lengthen his tyrannical rule, we taught the people of Pakistan about the reality of Pakistani generals. We taught them how coward, shameless and stupid Pakistani generals are. We even gave them names like ?General Phon Phan?, ?General Dhuan?, ?General Rathead?, and ?General Flathead.?


We taught Pakistani people that Pakistani generals are not better than any SHEEDA or MEEDA in the streets of Pakistan. Our education has removed Pakistani generals? fear out of their minds and hearts. Therefore, general Musharraf can wave fists or make threatening statements but he does not impress the people of Pakistan.


Having clarified this point, let us talk sense. Let us ask bluntly who is defaming army or the other institutions?


Let us first find out who is defaming army, and then we can talk about the other institutions.


Pakistani generals are the worst enemy of Pakistan army. They have destroyed this institution by leaving their posts empty and getting into areas, which are considered ?no go areas? for army officers in any civilized society.


Today, Pakistani generals are doing everything other than their primary job. They are running universities, corporations, embassies, government offices, political institutions and Pakistan itself. And that is what it is defaming Pakistan army. So the source of defame for Pakistan Army are Pakistani generals who run around in all nine yards of Pakistan instead of focusing on their primary job.  We do not want to go into the details of kickbacks, land grabbing and corruption being committed by serving and retired army officers. Pakistani newspapers have extensively printed material about these misappropriations and encroachments.


Let us talk about the other institutions. The main source that creates, defines and keeps institutions in smooth operation is the constitution of the country. Then the institutions that make, interpret and execute the laws: the parliament, the judiciary and the executive. Who has constantly raped these institutions in Pakistan? Pakistani generals. General Musharraf?s record is the worst in this regard.


The prime example is recently passed 17th amendment. Who benefited from 17th amendment? General Musharraf who violated the constitution to begin with. What can be more insulting than violating the constitution, holding it in abeyance for three years, then arm twisting and taking the members of the parliament to task to force them to include 17th amendment in the constitution to make something ?legal? which is ?illegal? by any definition and from any point of view.


Making statements is easy. Talking about ideals is also easy. But truthfully maintaining high standards and ideals is indeed difficult.


The people of Pakistan have not only shed off Pakistani generals fear out of their minds and hearts, they have also learned who is responsible to put Pakistan very existence on the line.


Therefore, general Musharraf should not wave his fists and make meaningless statements about army defaming army and the other institutions. The people of Pakistan know he is a coward man. If he cares about Pakistan Army?s reverence, he should immediately resign and surrender to the law enforcing authorities and stand trial for his crimes against the constitution and the state of Pakistan.



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