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Is There Any General Wesley Clark Among Pakistani Generals?

General (R) Flathead

General Wesley Clarke has entered in American politics as a breath of fresh air. He is trying to bring sense to American politics by focusing back on American constitution.

9/11 left American nation confused, angry and frustrated. President Bush did what he could to process the confusion, anger and frustration by going to Afghanistan and Iraq. We wish he had exercised hurt American ego some other way.

General Wesley Clark wants to repair hurt American ego by going back to the American constitution. As a good soldier, he knows how important it is to follow the manual --- and the manual of American politics is America's constitution.

The other day he was addressing a gathering at Indiana State University. Someone asked him about Patriot Act II. He made very telling remarks. He said we have a bill of rights as part of our constitution. It is a very precious and valuable document, therefore, I?ll tell former attorney general Ashcraft (assuming he becomes president of the United States) to freeze Patriot Act I and II.

A retired general has entered American politics to remind American politicians that America has a constitution and that constitution has an important part in it, which is called bill of rights.

I heard these remarks from General Wesley Clark and I was stunned.

Who is this general who is reminding US politicians that United States has a constitution and that constitution has bill of rights which is the most important part of the constitution?

General Wesley Clarke is a good general. He talks about the constitution. He talks about the Bill of Rights --- and Bill of Rights is something, which every American has, and which is essence of America.

General Wesley Clarke's remarks made me think about 300 plus Pakistani generals. Pakistani generals have dug in against the people of Pakistan; they have dug in against the constitution of Pakistan; they have dug in against the Rights of the people of Pakistan. And here is one general in America who is re-assuring Americans against Attorney General Ashcraft's tyrannical Patriot Act I and II by reminding them the Bill of Rights embedded in the constitution of the United States.

Pakistani generals are holding Pakistan back. They are the only hurdle in the way of Pakistan becoming a real state --- a state where a constitution is above everything and everyone.

United States is great because it has generals like retired general Wesley Clarke. He is indeed a good general. Pakistan has 300 plus generals but they are bad generals because they have always violated and stood up against the constitution of Pakistan.

Is there any Wesley Clarke in Pakistan who can stand up and tell the people of Pakistan, yes, there is a precious and valuable document in Pakistan and I?ll defend this precious document --- the constitution of Pakistan --- against LFO, because it guarantees some basic unalienable rights to Pakistanis? 

Is there any good dead or alive (retired or serving) general in Pakistan who can stand for the constitution of Pakistan?



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