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Politically Infected Generals

General (R) Flathead

There are all types of viruses. Viruses that kill rapidly and viruses that sit in living cells forever and continue harming them. We all have heard about cancer, AIDS, SARS etc. etc.

Pakistan Army has many generals who have been infected by political virus. They caught this infection in Pakistan Army's infancy days and since then they have constantly infected many generals.

This disease fully infected Pakistan Army's heart--- the group of core commanders in 1970. Eventually, Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan died because of this serious infection.

However, it rose out of its ashes after its death in 1971. The people of remainder of Pakistan wanted to continue the legacy of their beloved leader Quaid-e-Azam. They kept Pakistan's flag flying regardless of Pakistan? virtual death in 1971.

Unfortunately, the generals infected with political virus did not die in 1971. They remained hidden in Pakistan's intestine. The moment Pakistan started breathing second time, they ganged up on its heart again eventually infecting each core commander. The people of Pakistan call them crores commanders.

Before death of Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan in 1971, these politically infected generals sat at the helm of affairs in Pakistan. They continued counting and eating all the beans until Pakistan exhausted and collapsed.

Once again, all these infected generals are sitting at the helm of affairs in Pakistan. The most infected generals---the crores commanders---have been discussing Pakistan's political situation exactly like they used to discuss before the collapse of Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan.

I vividly remember their meetings. The more the political situation deteriorated the more meetings they held. Once again, the frequency of their meetings is growing. Before they met every three months. Then they started meeting every month. Now, they meet every two weeks.

Are they sensing danger? Perhaps, yes, because their activities have become more rapid.

Once, these viruses sense danger---not to them but to the host body. they move fast. They start eating faster to survive in tough times ahead.

During the process they infect as many civilians as possible. Those infected civilians? work as supply line.

The most infected general, general Musharraf is realigning his infected forces. Since he has already infected all crores commanders and many civilians, he is hoping to rot the rest of the frail body of Pakistan.

However, after bitten by and eaten by so many politically infected generals, Pakistanis have grown a sense of survival. They really know how to defend themselves against these politically infected generals and militarily infected civilians.

A silent war is going on between the people of Pakistan and these politically infected generals under the apparently calm waters of Pakistan.

This time around, the people of Pakistan really want to destroy politically infected generals. Le us pray for their strength and victory.



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