Tuesday September 06, 2016







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"No Institution or Individual Is Indispensable"

General (R) Flathead

The other day Pakistan's leading daily The News carried a general Musharraf's statement. The learned general said, "No institution or individual is indispensable."

I always have been skeptical about general Musharraf's intelligence, vision, understanding and depth of knowledge. He has a below average mind with the least capacity to rule a country. COAS-ship is a different matter. The people with the best instinctive survival skills are the best suited for the job. The general has plenty of them. So do all the animals that survive in Jangles.

Now who should tell this general that institutions are indispensable? Without stable institutions, countries fall and nations disappear. So do their armies along with their impervious generals.

I wonder if the general has the same feelings about Pakistan Army; If no institution is indispensable than why not Pakistan Army; If no individual is indispensable than why not the general himself?

For heaven?s sake, someone should help Pakistan to get rid of this man in uniform who has tunnel vision, skewed ideas, but strong instinctive skills. He can simply destroy Pakistan.

Countries run by mediocre rulers can survive and thrive, but countries run by rulers with strong instinctive skills have no chance. Neither rulers with strong instinctive skills can get anything right nor the countries they rule.

When I look back at general Musharraf's last three years I wonder how Pakistan survived. General Musharraf brushed Pakistan many times during these three years with total collapse and annihilation. But somehow this country survived.

It survived regardless of misadventure of Kargil, the catastrophic event of 9/11 and a yearlong Indian siege.

General's remarks that individuals and institutions are not indispensable speak volumes about his mind. If general's logic is true than army being an institution is dispensable and so is general. Then why he is clinging to the power. Whey he does not return the country to its rightful rulers?



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