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Mice and military

General (R) Flathead

 Mice and military have many things common. They both destroy endlessly. One has to exterminate them to get rid of their destructiveness. They both are brutal and ruthless.

There are some benefits of mice. Modern medical scientists experiments their new medicines on mice before they experiment them on baboons and finally on humans.

If a medicine works on mice, it supposedly works on baboons. If it works on baboons, chances are, it will work on humans. Medical scientists start testing new medicines on mice because they are at the lower rung of ladder of life. They test them on baboons because they are at next rung to humans on the evolutionary ladder of life.

Another interesting commonality among mice and military is their habit to dig trenches. Mice are always busy in digging small wholes or burrows in gardens, backyards, fields and jungles to hide from predators. Military men also dig tunnels and trenches. They both dig and dig and dig endlessly. In the process of digging, they destroy everything that comes their way.

They both are good at learning limited command orders. Mice can learn quickly to reach food items through confusing mazes. Military men can learn quickly to identify and shoot their targets. Since they both live at instinctive level, they only follow their instincts. Rationality is something out of their realm. They can never learn reasoning.

Chinese had a serious mice problem in China. They found an excellent solution to this problem. They started eating mice.

Americans had serious problem with their military. They found a natural solution to handle their military. They keep creating killing fields in far of lands. They send them to kill and die in Vietnam, Korea, Panama, Kabul and Iraq. As long as their military stays off shores, their system is safe.

Pakistan is the unluckiest country as for handling its military is concerned. It could not create off shore killing fields for its military; therefore, its military stays busy at home digging trenches and tunnels in civilian fields of Pakistani life. They have made many holes in Pakistani society, economy, politics, culture and religion. They are still digging and digging and digging...

Pakistan needs to follow either Chinese or American model to deal with rampant military problem.


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