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Bucha Jamora take off your Uniform

General (R) Flathead

Cartoon is like this: A monkey with a general Musharraf's mask, wearing military uniform, with a chain in his neck, shakes head in negative and says he will not take off his uniform.

Nawabzada Nasarullah Khan who is hold the monkey's chain, again asks the monkey: "Bucha Jamora take off your uniform", and the monkey again shakes his head in negative and says, "No, he will not take off his uniform".

This cartoon apparently describes the dialogue between Nawabzada Nasarullah Khan and monkey with general Musharraf?s mask but actually it represents the reality of Pakistani politics.

Pakistan is going through these cycles throughout its history of existence. Starting with Ayub and ending with Musharraf, it has been the same story. A general steers circumstances behind the scene for imposition of martial law, he illegally takes over the country, finds certain technocrats who work with him to run Pakistan, and politicians start campaign to oust the general. The nation is going through the same vicious cycles while the countries in Pakistan's neighborhood are gradually developing in leaps and bounds socially, culturally, economically, politically and technologically.

India and China, two giant neighbors of Pakistan, started their journey almost simultaneously. They both have become darling of the modern world because of their strengths. Pakistan takes pride in being a "frontline state" and patiently waits for US commands to do the next dirty operation.

Pakistan expanded her influence in Afghanistan and it completely destroyed her. Now Afghanistan has become an example of destruction and distraught thanks to Pakistan. Pakistan?s own situation is no better than Afghanistan.

But the nation is witnessing the same scene.

An outlaw general illegally wants to hold on to power. Some politicians and technocrats are running his banana republic. The others are challenging him to take off his uniform but he insists: "No, I will not take off my uniform."

Can some one tell this monkey to go home.



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