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Dogs’ Gujarat Conference

General (Rtd.) Flathead

All important dogs gathered in Gujarat to hold a conference. Here is a report by one of our reporters who witnessed the conference proceedings.


The conference was arranged by two very prominent poodles who are the offspring of an old fat dog. That dog made name first working for police and then joining the team of family dogs of a general.


While he worked for police he used his official position to make a lot of property and money. Through which he wielded a lot of leverage in Gujarat area. His poodles are benefiting from the wealth and leverage he gained during his job with Punjab police.


The poodles of Gujarat invited almost every fat dog from far off parts of Pakistan. They were all present when the big dog who is at loose for so many years addressed the attendees.


“Woof, woof, there is democracy in Pakistan. There are four important aspects of this real democracy.


1)  Woof, woof, majority must rule minority. Woof, woof, if minority refused to be ruled;

2)  We will strengthen the writ of our doggishness, which means we will start biting the minority dogs. Woof, woof, we won’t care if the minority dogs ever helped us out by any means.

3)    We will make sure the present group of dogs stays in the dog house for the next two years. Anyone who tried to throw these dogs out by any means we will cut their ears and break their legs.

4)    We will enhance the image of our dog house throughout the world.


After big dog finished barking, all the dogs present in the conference shouted: woof, woof and woof. They all first moved their tails in obedience and then as a mark of respect shoved their tails in their rear legs.


Then the local poodle came to the podium. Before he started barking he moaned woof, woof, and woof many times. Then he barked: “The big dog is going to be there because that is what all dogs  across Pakistan decided.  These dogs think the big dog should remain there with full doggishness because the regional and international circumstances were very dangerous. If the big dog gives up his doggishness the regional and international circumstances can harm Pakistan.  Moreover, the big dog has built very special relationship with all big dogs around the globe, therefore, he must maintain his bullishness.. A dog, no matter how big he is, without bullishness is no good.”


The poodle’s barking style was really  pleasing for  the big dog. The big dog excitedly moved forward the poodle and  patted him with his long red tongue.


All the dogs in the conference stadium praised the big dog’s affability. They all  barked in big dog's appreciation in unison: woof, woof and woof………….





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