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Pakistanis are a cursed nation. God Lord created them to suffer, and suffer and suffer. He chose a strange punishment for us.


We donít know why he chose to punish us this way. He is almighty, no one question him.

Some people in power claim that they talk to him. For example, US President Gorge W. Bush claimed he attacked Iraq, because God ordered him to do so. General Musharraf once claimed that he was chosen by God to lead Pakistani nation as he chose Moses to lead Israelites. We heard identical claim from general Musharrafís predecessor general Zia ul Haq.


General Yahya was an alcoholic and fond of ladies, so he only had good time but no time for God. He did not make any such claims. We donít know much about general Ayubís nature of relationship with God. He was more sort of narcissist person who liked to tell stories of foreign presidentsí wives that how they had crush on him and how they facilitated deals for him with their husbands. Queen Elizabeth and Jacky Kennedy were few of his fans.


Coming back to the original idea that how God Lord created Pakistanis to suffer in a strange way. He created some ghosts who tortured Pakistanis throughout their lives.


He created general Ayub Khan, general Yahya Khan, general Zia ul Haq and general Musharraf to torture Pakistanis. This suffering would not have been that bad, if Pakistani nation had gotten over the tortures of these ghosts in their life times.


More torturous thing is all these ghosts in uniform left some off springs who are still dancing on Pakistanís national horizon. Those off springs of past ghosts make sure that Pakistani nation does not come out of the traumas imposed by the fathers.


For Example, general Ayub Khan sprinkled salt on Pakistani nationís injuries for a decade or so. After him, his son and his sonís son are constantly reminding Pakistani nation how they were still around to make fun of our helplessness. 


General Ziaí son also appears on TV channels time to time lest Pakistanis forget the terror his father created in Pakistanisí minds and hearts. The same ugly face, the same threatening eyes and the same horrible, stinky talking style.


These ghosts of past have made Pakistani nation so sick, it cannot get over its trauma caused by these ghosts of past.


Americans forefathers were very smart. When they elected a President of their young country, they made sure their presidential candidate did not have any sons. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe did not have any sons. John Adam had a son who also became president, but he became president after his fatherís presidency ended almost 30 years ago. So John Quincy Adams did not pose any threat to make American presidency a hereditary business.


Our Holy Prophetís son also died in childhood, because, as some of the Muslim scholars point out, God did not want his prophet to have a successor.


Our God could save us from this mental torture by not giving these ghosts of our past any offspring, but alas, our God Lord wanted us Pakistani to suffer, and suffer even long after these ghosts were vanished. 


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