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The Tragedy Of Pakistan's Civil Society

General (R) Flathead


One of the reasons given for the perpetuation of military rule in Pakistan is its weak civil society. 


Generals take over the country because Pakistan Army is the only well organized group. Civil institutions either do not exist or they are so weak they cannot put up the necessary resistance to prohibit Pakistani generals from take over.


Mushahid Hussain joins becomes PML (Q) Secretary General. First, he became senator on PML (Q) ticket and then eventually he becomes the Secretary General. ?I am humbled,? he expressed his feelings while accepting his nomination as Secretary General.


Its not only Mushahid Hussain or S. M. Zafar, Waseem Sajjad or Sharif Uddin Pirzada or any other noted civilian who has supported a general, there are quite a few of them who have supported illegal takeovers and then helped illegal rulers to perpetuate.


What is the connection between civil society, its weakness and this ilk of civilian intellectuals?


No civil society is strong or powerful. Even very developed societies with developed political institutions are very weak. People like Tony Blair and George W. Bush get away with laws, which intrude on peoples? civil rights and civil liberties. Even the political institutions go along with such rulers and allocate billions and billions of dollars to carry on their uncivilized expeditions.


The strength and power of these societies lies in their uncompromising intellectuals. British Society is powerful because of people like Bertrand Russell and George Galloway. American society is powerful because of uncompromising intellectuals like Noam Chomsky.


Unfortunately, Pakistan has a long line of so-called intellectuals who neither have intellect nor conscience. They are ready to sell their services any time a general in khaki uniform is there to pay the price. They do it even their actions further weaken Pakistan?s civil society.


? I do it to help democracy return,? says S. M. Zaffar, the noted Pakistani attorney who has brokered all the deals between General Musharraf and MMA and PML (Q). ?They take over and then they need exit strategy,? he further explains. ?We help them to develop exist strategy,? he further remarks.


Pakistani society is weak because it has many Mushahid Hussains, Sharifuddin Pirzadas and S.M. Zaffars. 


Pakistan's unfortunate civil society will remain weak until Sharifuddin Pirzadas, S.M. Zaffars and Mushahid Hussains remain on the scene.  



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