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Who Has The Right To Play With The Fate Of Pakistan?

General (R) Flathead 


General Musharraf, in a recent statement, said, "He will not allow handful of terrorists to play with the fate of Pakistan."


Interesting statement indeed!


Question is: who has the right to play with the fate of Pakistan---handful of terrorists or handful of generals?


For the people of Pakistan all three: terrorists, mullahs and generals are playing with the fate of Pakistan.


Terrorists kill innocent people. They do not believe in rule of law. They have their own notions, which they want to impose on the people. They believe in achieving their political agenda through shedding blood or committing acts that create terror in the minds of people.


Mullahs also have weird ideas. They do not like the people should enjoy God given freedoms. They terrorize people by preaching prehistoric methods of punishment. They also want to impose their notions, which keep people slave to the whims of mullahs.


Politically infected military generals are the worst. People hire them to defend their countries from foreign aggressors. However, they turn their guns inward and conquer their own countries. They use draconian methods to perpetuate their illegal rule.


Pakistan has less first kind of terrorists, but it has plenty of second and third kind of terrorists.


Right now, Pakistan is suffering on the hands of all three kinds of terrorists. All three kinds of terrorists are not only fighting among themselves, they have also ganged up against the people of Pakistan.


First kind of terrorists, commit terrorism against churches, mosques, Imambargahs, schools, bus stations, embassies and public places. They try to kill as many people they can by using explosive devices.


Mullahs are intermediaries. They are links between first and third kind of terrorists. They use all sorts of transmission tools to terrorize the people. They use mosques, madrassas, pseudo religio-political platforms to perpetuate fear in the hearts and minds of the people. Anything that makes people happy, they hate it.


Sometimes they use first kind of terrorists against the third kind of terrorists. Any time, third kind of terrorists show slackness to pay them due attention, they turn first kind of terrorists against them. However, they also kill people to scare the third kind of terrorists.


In the whole set-up, generals matter the most. They can use first and second kind of terrorists against internal and external forces anytime and anyway they like. They use them against the people of Pakistan, against the neighboring countries or against all the known and unknown super powers to maintain their value in the eyes of those super powers.


So it is hard to decide who has the right to play with the fate of Pakistan. Handful terrorists, handful mullahs or handful generals!



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