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Next Commander-in-Chief, Next President Please

General (R) Flathead


The best comments one American Bush hater made at his reelection were, “I am happy he has been reelected. At least, I know he will get lost in four years and I’ll never have to see his face after his second term is over.”


We Pakistanis wish we could say the same thing about the people who impose themselves upon us and than keep torturing us by their unbearable presence at Pakistan’s national scene.


Our childhood was lost in listening one such self appointed President Ayub Khan. On the 1st of every month he would appear on national TV and radio and address the nation in his ugly voice “ Mere Aziz Humwatnon.” Like we had appointed him our president  with overwhelming majority?


We lost our youth in listening another such jinxed voice of Zia-ul-Haq. He would appear on national television every then and now like an ugly ghost and shoot all the shit he had in his head at us for hours.


Now, we are in our old age. We are dealing with another such shit shooter—general Musharraf. He also illegally imposed himself on us as our president. Like an ugly creature, he appears on national TV whenever he likes and throws all the garbage he has in his head at us for hours. We have no idea how long we will have to live under the burden of his ugly appearance.


We believe Pakistan Army is a special institution. God Lord created this institution to punish us for our sins which we never committed.   


Will this punishment ever come to an end? Perhaps, not in our life time. May be we have to face the same ugly creatures in the hell which God Lord has created for us in here after. Generals Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Musharraf are going to be there in the hell to watch on us that we do not escape the flames of the hell fire.


Why is it like that?


Can we make it a little better?


Can like the American who hated President Bush, we can also say that we are not going to see this ugly man on our political scene after this and this date and in this and this year?


We raise our hands up. We don’t want democracy. We don’t want elections. We want to give up on all our rights. We will let army rule Pakistan until the end of the world.


But can we ask a small favor from our khaki rulers?


“Please let a new general—a new Commander-in-Chief—take over Pakistan after every three years when one Commander-in-Chief’s tenure is over.


At least allow us to see a new face every three years.


We lost our child hood looking at Ayub’s ugly face. We lost our youth looking at Zia’s ugly face.


We don’t want to lose our old age and die looking at Musharraf’s ugly face.


Next Commander-in-Chief, next president please




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