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Political Struggle Will Continue in Pakistan Until....

The credit of current political change in Pakistan does not go to one individual, one particular group or one particular political party.


Everyone has played his / her role in bringing about this change. CJ proved first drop of rain, but political struggle was underway much before CJ said No to dictator Musharraf.


People of Pakistan, sick and tired of decades of military intervention in political process, were fighting back in different ways. Benazir Bhutto, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Javed Hashmi, Yousaf Raza Gilani, Mahmood Achakzai, Imran Khan, Akbar Bugti, Ataullah Mengal and many others challenged general Musharraf in different ways. All these honorable leaders paid heavy prices for their defiant role.


While these leaders were playing their political role in their own ways, many Pakistani intellectuals, spread across the globe, played their role in using their influence to push the cause of democracy in various capitols.


Many journalists were constantly pushing the cause of democracy through their pens, through radio and TV programs, and through various public interactive forums.


However, one thing is for sure, and no one should try to undermine or underestimate the great resistance movement put up by legal fraternity against 8 years of general Musharraf’s tyrannical rule.


It is this legal fraternity’s resistance movement backed by the people of Pakistan which brought present political set-up in to existence.


In response to legal fraternity’s splendid resistance movement, PPP and PML (N) leadership met in Murree and issued a declaration in which they agreed to restore illegally deposed judges.


Now, it seems like the restoration of deposed judges is being subverted under various pretensions.


We would like to make it clear in unequivocal terms to office bearers of new political set-up that they must not subvert the process of restoration of deposed judges under any circumstances or for any reasons.


We demanded all illegally deposed judges should be restored immediately. Along with legal fraternity, we will wait for 30 days. If deposed judges are not restored in 30 days, we will turn the barrels of our propaganda guns towards newly elected political forces.


Overseas Pakistanis who played very important role in bringing about political change in Pakistan will restart their movement against newly erected political set-up.


We are already upset about general Musharraf’s constant presence on Pakistan’s political scene.


We will not silently watch unconstitutional and illegal games played in Pakistan by pro status quo forces.


Pakistan is destined to become a state where constitution, rule of law and unfettered democracy play supreme role.  Political struggle will continue until Pakistan becomes one such state.



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