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Musharraf: A Symbol of Lawlessness, Tyranny and Barbarism


General Musharraf’s presence at national scene as President is like sprinkling salt on peoples’ injuries.


General Musharraf is the worst person who ever ruled Pakistan.


We heard and read stories of lawlessness, tyrannies and barbarism of rulers of Africa and Latin American, but the people of Pakistan lived through all these horrific practices altogether under general Musharraf during last 8 years.


Is there any crime that general Musharraf did not commit?


He got people kidnapped; he got people tortured; he got people killed; he got people dishonored and disrespected.


It is shameful a major portion of Pakistani politicians joined him and supported him for 8 long years.


Where are all those people today?


Shaikh Rashid, Sher Afghan Niazi, Wasi Zaffar, Mahmud Durrani and many others. Where are all they?


These were individuals how about the intellectuals who supported general Musharraf for all these years: Mushahid Hussain and Najm Sethi, Khalid Ahmed and many others who developed false arguments in support of general Musharraf?


How about political parties: PML (Q), MQM and MMA and many other secret political weapons?


The wounds they inflicted on Pakistanis’ bodies and souls are still bleeding. And they will bleed for long time to come.


People of Pakistan will remember General Musharraf and his pack, like people of Japan remember the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear bombs killed less people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, general Musharraf and his lackeys have mutilated more Pakistanis economically, psychologically, mentally and physically.


People of Pakistan will remember General Musharraf like people of Chile remember Augusto Pinochet. Thousands of students, laborers, political workers, men, women and children tell hair raising stories of barbaric acts of Augusto Pinochet.


We have openly seen the crimes general Musharraf committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan over the period of last 8 years. We also openly saw the crimes he committed against journalists and judges, but we still have to collect the stories of thousands of crimes he committed against thousands of innocent people who disappeared and no one knows their whereabouts.


We also have to unearth the crimes he committed against the state and people of Pakistan in connivance with foreign powers.


His constant presence in the Army House signals looming dangers for people and state of Pakistan.


Why is he there? Can someone explain? Can someone tell us how and when we will get rid of this high profile criminal hiding in Army House out of reach of long arm of law? What happened to the mandate of the people of Pakistan? Why PPP, PML (N) and ANP are not moving against general Musharraf?


The people of Pakistan are concerned. They want this man out before the Sun sets. If these parties cannot throw general Musharraf out, they should return peoples’ mandate. The people will take care of this high profile criminal.



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