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Media Channels Should Educate People About Their Rights and Obligations

If Geo, ARY, Indus, Aaj,  Aag and other private media channels want to serve people of Pakistan the best thing they can do is to educate them about their civil rights and obligations, civil liberties and limitations; limitations of government officials and agencies; and the right and wrong ways of conducting day to day affairs between people and people, people and government, businesses and government, and between other national institutions.

For this purpose, media channels should develop a list of peoples’ rights and responsibilities as citizens of Pakistan and  a list for government officials what they can and cannot do and telecast these lists several times a day for next few years. If they advertise these do's and don’ts for people and the government officials for next few years, it will create awareness among people and government officials about their rights and limits. Once they know their rights and limits, it will help them stand for their rights and  act within their limits.  

TV channels should also educate people and government officials what to do if their rights are violated and if they fail to meet their obligations. Pakistani social scientists and legal experts should help media channels to develop mechanism to make people aware how they can deal with these situations.

Within last few years, Pakistani civil society has matured to the extent where it is ready to take off.

At this critical juncture of civil development of Pakistani civil society, we need to think about refining and uplifting Pakistani masses’ social and civil behaviors. It is only possible if each Pakistani, private citizen and government official, understands his rights and limitations.

If TV Channels start creating this awareness in Pakistani masses, we will see an amazing change in our collective social and civil behavior in few years.


I don’t see this problem only with Pakistani masses’ social and civil behavior I see this problem with people at the highest level also.


I have observed over the years, the high ups in Pakistani society do not distinguish between “right” and “wrong”, “legal” and “illegal” “correct” and “incorrect”, “moral” and “immoral”, and “socially acceptable” and “unacceptable.”


TV and radio channels and newspapers are the best way to set a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” for private citizens and government officials and broadcast them on regular basis for few years until those “do’s” and “don’ts” start reverberating throughout Pakistani society.


If these media channels are doing business with Pakistani masses it is their obligation to help people of Pakistan, both private citizens and government officials, to learn their rights and obligations, do’s and don'ts, and freedoms and limits.



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