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Few More FIRs Against General Musharraf

Activist attorneys have filed FIR against general Musharraf, former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, Interim Prime Minister, Interior Minister and SP Islamabad for keeping Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his family under illegal detention. They have mentioned many penal codes which apply against these individuals.


Detaining Chief Justice and other judges is not the only crime that general Musharraf has committed. The list of his crimes is too long. There should be FIRs against general Musharraf for all those crimes.


For example, when he was Brigadier in Gilgit he ordered massacre of 200 protestors. 200 innocent protestors killed in Gilgit with the orders of then Brigadier Pervez Musharraf are still waiting  for justice


When he was core commander Mangla he made unauthorized contacts with foreign countries. It was a treason on his part to contact foreign militaries without prior approval of his superiors. There should be FIR for committing treason against armed forces of Pakistan by making these unauthorized contacts.


There should be an FIR for launching Kargil operation without proper authorization. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is on record that general Musharraf carried out this operation without his permission. 1700 Pakistani soldiers died in Kargil operation because of general Musharraf’s irresponsible operation. He is responsible for the death of those 1700 Pakistani soldiers.


He masterminded and manipulated coup against constitutional government on October 12, 1999. Under the article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan it is an act of “High Treason”. There should be FIR against him for making this coup.


If anyone thinks the 2002 parliament indemnified his October 12, 1999 coup he is seriously mistaken. All laws are based on common sense. It is against common sense to indemnify a criminal who is running a show. If a bandit or dacoit takes over someone’s house on gun point and than asks the owner of the house to transfer the ownership of the house to him this will not transfer the ownership to the bandit.


He ordered rigging in 2002 elections. ISI and NAB followed his orders and rigged 2002 elections to achieve desirable results. With all rigging when he could not produce the desirable results, he committed horse trading to make up the difference of numbers of parliamentarians to form a toady government. There should be FIR for these unconstitutional acts.


On national television general Musharraf threatened Nawab Akbar Bugti and later he made his threat true. He ordered or instigated Nawab Akbar Bugti’s assassination by making such threats. There should be FIR against him for ordering or instigating Nawab Akbar Bugti’s assassination.


On May 12, 2007, his allies massacred 43 innocent Pakistanis on the streets of Karachi. He condoned this massacre by declaring it the show of power of people. Later he blocked all judicial inquiries in this massacre. There should be FIR against him for stipulating this massacre and obstruction of justice.


On March 9, he illegally detained Chief Justice of Pakistan at Army House for 5 hours. He made illegal attempts to fire Chief Justice. There should be FIR against him to illegally detain Chief Justice and making illegal attempts to fire him.


Supreme Court of Pakistan allowed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan. Defying Supreme Court, General Musharraf ordered arrest and exile of former Prime Minister. There should be FIR against general Musharraf to defy Supreme Court of Pakistan.


On November 3, he imposed emergency, suspended constitution of Pakistan, demolished judiciary, illegally fired and detained 60 judges of Supreme and High Courts in their houses. He himself admitted it was extra constitutional act. There should be FIR against him for committing this extra constitutional criminal act.


He came to Pakistan with his parents as a little boy as refugee. Pakistan not only welcomed him and his family, Pakistan offered them the best of it. His father and mother enjoyed good positions in Pakistan. Pakistan gave him the highest honor of commanding its forces as commander in chief.


In return, he not only betrayed Pakistan he betrayed Pakistanis as well. He illegally abducted and killed hundreds of Pakistanis without any legal justification. Still hundreds of Pakistanis are rotting at unknown places with his orders. There should be FIR against him for all those missing Pakistanis.


General Musharraf is a thankless man and he does not deserve anyone’s support or sympathy. He should be thrown out of office as soon as possible and tried for all above mentioned crimes.



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