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.....But General's Men Killed Benazir Bhutto

In banana republic of Pakistan, some idiot like Brigadier Javed Iqbal Cheema, concocted story after story about Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. He many times changed positions, before someone from Interior Ministry stood up and apologized for misrepresentation of facts by this stupid retired brigadier.


After half cooked press conferences of Brigadier Javed Iqbal Cheema, generalissimo himself appeared on the national television and delivered a tirade about BB’s assassination, riots after the assassination, and his government’s resolve to continue war against terrorism.


Generalissimo, as usual, spoke lies through his teeth without blinking his eyes. He informed the nation, Baitul Mehsud and Fazlullah attacked and killed security men in Kohat, in Sargodha, in Mangla and civilians in Charssada. He said they were the one who were also responsible for BB’s assassination.


Of course, Baitul Mehsud and Fazlullah killed security men in Kohat, in Sargodha, in Mangla and civilians in Charssada, but general’s men killed Benazir Bhutto. Baitul Mehsud and Fazlullah had nothing to do with Benazir Bhutto, general Musharraf had to do everything with her. She was a threat to general Musharraf’s rule not to Baitul Mehsud or Fazlullah.


Baitul Mehsud and Fazlullah did not change their stories. They denied once, they had a hand in BB’s assassination and they stuck with their story. General’s spokespersons changed their stories at least four different ways. Obviously, these were general Musharraf’s men who were lying about BB’s assassination not Baitul Mehsud or Fazlullah.


If generalissimo did not have hand in BB’s assassination why his men hurriedly cleaned the crime scene? Investigators all over the world cordon crime scenes until they finish collecting all evidence. What was the rush to clean this crime scene where Pakistan’s most important political leader was murdered? Obviously, the idea was to clean up the crime scene as soon as possible so that no evidence was left on the scene.


Then, cover-up was not limited to the concoction of stories and clean-up of the crime scene. Medical staff was also forced to change its statements. One day they gave one statement, the other day another statement, and then again they repeated their first position. While going back and forth on their positions, they admitted there was tremendous pressure on them to conceal the true nature of the injuries found on BB’s dead body.


While shifting BB’s assassination’s blame to Baitul Mehsud and Fazlullah, generalissimo appealed to media to run campaign against them.


Generalissimo does not know Pakistani nation and international community is catching up with his lies.


This morning a common American lady was talking to a talk show program host how general’s men killed Benazir Bhutto and how he was trying to confuse the public on this issue. She even clearly saw generalissimo’s hand in riots after BB’s assassination. She questioned general’s delayed response to riots after the assassination. She related this delay with postponement and possible cancellation of elections.


The fact of the matter is general’s game is over. If an American lady, sitting 15 thousand miles away from Pakistan, can see through general’s lies, Pakistanis are not that stupid; they also know what generalissimo of banana republic of Pakistan is up to.


In the interest of Pakistan, instead of lingering the thread of his crimes, general Musharraf should resign and let the people of Pakistan set the course of events in their country.


Soldier’s Year By All Means

General Pervez Kiyani has announced to celebrate 2008 as a soldier’s year. It is indeed a good idea. For last 8 years, Pakistani soldiers have taken a lot of heat for general Musharraf’s crimes. It is about time, their new chief has intended to remove some of this heat by declaring 2008 as their year. Pakistani soldiers do need a moral boost. There cannot be a better way to boost their moral than declaring 2008 as their year.


While general Kiyani is celebrating 2008 as a year of soldiers, he should also think about his downtrodden nation. His predecessor, general Musharraf, who is still hiding in army house like a rat, has committed lot of crimes against the people, the state institutions and the state of Pakistan.


Other then himself, general Musharraf has also involved many retired and serving officers in civilian institutions who are breeding nothing but constant hatred against the armed forces of Pakistan just by being present in those civilian institutions.


If general Kiyani is sincere in his professional cause and he really wants to make 2008 year of the soldiers he should bring these outlaw men in uniform under discipline.


Without folding general Musharraf’s criminal network, general Kiyani’s efforts to boost soldier’s moral are bound to fail. How soldiers can feel good if their nation is aggrieved? How they can be pain free if their nation is wounded?


Only a happy nation’s soldiers can be proud of themselves. And feel good about them.   




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