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General Musharraf’s War on Pakistan’s Moderate Middle Class

General Musharraf has jailed thousands of judges, attorneys, journalists, political workers, civil rights activists, teachers, student, and innocent men and women in Pakistan to stop movement against his brutal illegal rule.


On one hand he held previous National Assembly hostage to get vote for his fraudulent 2nd term presidential election on the other he demolished judiciary to get rid of independent judges and bring in plaint judges to get verdict in his favor and authentication of his illegal actions.  


He also unplugged TV channels to keep Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad in the dark. He did not want Pakistani TV channels to provide information to Pakistanis about his illegal actions. Along with unplugging TV channels he imposed restrictions on debates, conversations and discussions in schools, colleges and universities about current situation in Pakistan.


General Musharraf’s war on judges, attorneys, political workers, civil rights activists, journalists, teachers and students is in fact a war against Pakistani moderate enlightened middle class which is the only guarantee that Pakistan will emerge as a modern, law abiding, developed country.


While general Musharraf is engaged in crushing Pakistan’s moderate, democratic, enlightened, educated middle class forces he is allowing Taliban and Al Qaeda strengthen themselves in Waziristan and Swat.


He is blackmailing Americans by telling them that he is the only one who can carry out the war against terrorism. He is also giving Americans a false impression that without him nuclear arms can fall in the hands of extremists.


The fact of the matter is Pakistan started war against terrorism 3 years before 9/11. General Musharraf was then not even visible on national scene. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif established anti terrorist courts in 1998. He was trying to pull Pakistan back from the brink of terrorism. By deposing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, general Musharraf reenergized terrorists.


It seems like general Musharraf has gone berserk. With growing challenges not only he is loosing grip he is also loosing mental balance. His desperation shows he has entered in a dangerous phase—a phase in which a person can do anything.


Under these circumstances, all those who have stake in Pakistan, Pakistan Army, United States of America, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistani elite, they should remove general Musharraf from power immediately.


Sometimes, it becomes imperative to get rid off one man in order to save the whole society. That time has definitely come in Pakistan.


Now, General Musharraf must go. 




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