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Pakistanis need to weed out the criminals who do not respect constitution and rule of law

With 50 years incursion in the political affairs of the country, generals have created many agents and sympathizers who do not respect constitution and rule of law. There are serving generals, retired generals, sons of former influential generals like Ejaz ul Haq and Humyun Akthar Abdul Rehman, politicians, judges, attorneys, journalists and some intellectuals who support and propagate military takeovers. They all have one thing common among them and it is contempt for constitution and rule of law.

All these people are enemies of state. They are constantly undermining the writ of state. They are all criminals and that is how they should be treated.

The biggest criminals among these groups are perhaps those who lead the coup against constitution. Rest of them just start working along with them as need arises.

For example, first some politicians ask the army to intervene. They should be treated as criminals too. They instigate an illegal act. Afterwards, those who plan and lead coup should be tried and punished for committing a crime. Then comes the turn of those attorneys like famous Sharifuddin Pirzada who immediately stand on the side of coup makers and represent those generals in courts. Then come those judges who hear those cases and generously violate the spirit of law and provide legal cover to those who perpetuate their criminal rule in Pakistan. After that, some journalists start writing in favor of coup makers.

This is all criminal mafia. They reinforce time and again the phenomenon of lawlessness in Pakistan. That is how a vicious cycle has takeover Pakistan and Pakistan cannot break this cycle.

In order to establish the writ of state in Pakistan we have to uphold the constitution of Pakistan. It is the only yardstick which we should use to measure the sincerity of Pakistan's citizen's. Those who act against constitution, those who help them in any way who act against constitution, are criminals and they are responsible for Pakistan's current plight.

Right now, these law breakers are in power. General Musharraf is an 'outlaw' who is running from justice. His constitutional amendments package nothing but an effort to evade justice and make him so powerful so that law cannot take course against him.

General Naqvi can also be considered a criminal. He is helping an outlaw to build a legal castle around him through constitutional amendments to secure him from the consequences of crime he committed in form of coup on October 12, 1999.

The people of Pakistan have to understand how important it is bring these forces of lawlessness under control.

This vicious cycle of lawlessness is hurting the people of Pakistan the most. Right now, they are being treated as trash. They have no right to elect their own representatives. Their representatives are treated as a trash too. They are ridiculed, jailed, exiled and hanged on the hands of these criminals.

General Musharraf who felt he was treated worse than a peon is building a system where he wants to treat the elected representatives of 140 million people like tissue paper and flush them out at the whim of his mood.

The people of Pakistan must take notice of this situation and weed out these criminals who have no respect for constitution and rule of law before they damage the rest of Pakistan with their stupid notions and experiments.



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