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It is important to know what is at stake if general Musharraf is elected through outgoing or incoming assemblies with or without uniform.


Right now, Pakistan is divided into two political forces: Pro constitution, pro rule of law and pro democracy and anti constitution, anti rule of law and anti democracy forces.


General Musharraf represents anti constitution, anti rule of law and anti democracy forces. These forces, headed by general Musharraf, want to maintain their control over state of Pakistan by all means. It is not important how they maintain this control. For them, sanctity of process is not important only results, favorable to them, are important.


These forces, again headed by general Musharraf, have violated all legal, moral, principled stances to reach where they are. They want to again violate all legal, moral and principled stances to stay where they are for another five years.


General Musharraf started this immoral process two years ago by openly addressing political rallies, meeting members of parliament in parliament chamber, at ISI headquarters, and President House. He used last illegal, immoral and unprincipled tactic by using Election Commission to change election rules of 1988 in which he declared himself above article 63 of the constitution of Pakistan.


His all these illegal, immoral, unprincipled actions simply reflect one thing that general Musharraf wants to remain in power at every cost.


Now, coming to the question what if he is re-elected by outgoing or incoming assemblies with or without uniform.


Here is what is going to happen in Pakistan under general Musharraf if he is re-elected.


  1. 1)  War on innocent civilians which he calls war on terrorists or extremists will continue, killing hundreds of thousands of more innocent civilians across Pakistan

  2. 2)   As state violence will grow against innocent civilians, there will be more suicide bombings on army and civilian targets.

  3. 3)   Violence against dissenting journalists, political activists and workers will continue.

  4. 4)  Number of suicides will increase, because gap between rich and poor will widen and commodities of common goods will become more out of reach of common people.

  5. 5)   As criminal elements are part of the Musharraf set-up, organized crime will grow in Pakistan.

  6. 6)   As general Musharraf’s propagandists will continue their against the fact propaganda about success of general Musharraf’s policies, anger will grow in Pakistan masses which will manifest in great social unrest, lawlessness and anarchy.

  7. 7)  As most of various cartel members are part of general Musharraf’s set-up, people will face more ATTA and Cheeni type crisis whereas, these cartel members will go scot-free.

  8. 8)   Foreign intervention will further increase in Pakistan. Pakistani cities will become vulnerable to foreign military attacks. These foreign attacks will continue without any response from Pakistan Armed Forces, because armed forces under general Musharraf will not be allowed to respond these attacks.  

  9. 9)   Two or three more states may emerge within Pakistan which will eventually lead to dismemberment of Pakistan.

Can general Musharraf be stopped from re-election? Yes, Supreme Court may stop general Musharraf by declaring him constitutionally unfit to run as President. Opposition parties may resign from provincial and national assemblies to break the Electoral College forcing Musharraf to wait for next assemblies. Instead of resigning, opposition parties may bring up a powerful common candidate to oppose Musharraf in Electoral College. There are many PML (Q) disgruntled candidates who will vote for the common opposition candidate if opposition chooses to do so. Then, Musharraf will have to deal with a real President. This President will not be Rafiq Tarrar. This President will have the support of the people like Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.


Nothing is final in politics. Things may change tomorrow or they may be different than they appear today.  



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