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The Sun of Democracy is About To Rise in Pakistan

Dictator Musharraf is the worst ruler in uniform Pakistan ever had. However, the matter of satisfaction is that his end is now in sight. Those who know the inside story are already seeing the red arrays of emerging Sun of Democracy on the Eastern sky of Pakistan. Pakistani nation is about to enter in the era of unfettered democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism.


Repressive forces have sucked a lot of blood of Pakistani nation during last 8 tyrannical years of rule of general Musharraf.


The deceptive general made fool out of Pakistanis and the larger world for long time. He gathered around him the worst criminals in the name of good governance. He imported these criminals from England to run Sindh Province. He picked up some of them from Gujrat to run Punjab. He used armed forces to kill innocent Pakistanis in Sarhad and Balochistan in the name of establishing writ of state. He connived with MQM to kill 45 Pakistani citizens on the streets of Karachi to boast about his political power. He ripped of United States of America in the name of terrorism while he provided guns to terrorists to fight back Americans.


The general dismantled all social, cultural, political and governmental institutions one by one in the name of enlightened moderation and devolution of power. He spoke about enlightened moderation but empowered the most bigoted, narrow minded racist elements both at provincial and federal level. He concentrated power in his own hands while he spoke about devolution of power. Nothing could move in all four provinces of Pakistan without the orders or prior knowledge of general Musharraf.


And now, when his house of cards is falling apart he is blaming his pawns for his devastating failures. Now, he complains they have left him alone to face the storm. He did not realize that it is the fate of every dictator to be alone in the days when the Sun of his power is at the mid day sky and when it sets.


General Musharraf has played all his cards. He has left no more cards close to his chest. He is just looking for a way to run away, but he has closed all doors behind him. He has been trapped in his cocoon. His uniform, which he called few days ago his skin, his powers, which he always used blindly, his ego, which misguided him in his good and bad days, now, everything is over. Finished.


It is the time for Pakistanis to dance in the streets. They need to scatter plenty of dust to eat for all those politicians like Chaudharies of Gujrat, Mohammad Ali Durrani, Sher Afghan Niazi, Shaikh Rashid, Sherpao, Arbab Rahim and journalist like Najm Sethi who have been supporting general Musharraf all these years.


The Eastern sky of Pakistan is glowing with red light. The shinning Sun of constitutionalism, rule of law and democracy is about to rise. Those who know the inside story they already know the fast reaching moment of glory.




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