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Unfounded American Fears about Pakistan

US Policy makers have failed to understand the exact nature of Pakistan’s current situation. That’s why they are trying to keep general Musharraf afloat. They even want Benazir Bhutto to use her political leverage to keep Musharraf’s ship floating in the face of fast blowing winds of political change in Pakistan.


General Musharraf is a dead man. The longer he stays in power the more he will make the political environment stinky and unbearable. Anyone who will abet Musharraf in any way will sink with him in the current raging political storm in Pakistan. All his mules like Chaudharies of Gujrat, Shaukat Aziz, Sher Afghan Niazi, Mohammad Ali Durrani and Shaikh Rashid have lost their esteem. They are barely keeping their heads above the water. They will definitely drown sooner than later.


MQM’s real faces have been unmasked after they connived with general Musharraf to gun down 45 innocent people in the streets of Karachi on May 12—to be remembered as a black day in the history of Pakistan.


Benazir Bhutto, she may get upset with Aitzaz Ahsan for becoming the eye of the current anti Musharraf political storm in Pakistan, but her connivance with Musharraf cannot save him. The tide of history has turned against general Musharraf and the count down clock has started ticking for him.


Now, the unfounded American fears. The rightwing forces may takeover Pakistan. Yes, if Musharraf tries to remain at the helm of affairs through brutal use of force or by other kinky means, the rightwing forces will take over Pakistan. Musharraf is the reason for the swelling strength of right wing forces in Pakistan.


Americans only have these fears because they look at Pakistan from the prism of general Musharraf. This prism is not working any longer for general Musharraf how is it going to work for Americans.


American needs to change their prism to look at Pakistan. The best prism, right now, to look at Pakistan is Chief Justice’s prism. It shows the true colors of Pakistan. What his prism shows is what Pakistan has been looking for since its inception. Pakistanis always wanted a Pakistan where constitution rules, where rule of law prevails over everything else, where they elect their rulers and throw them out with the power of ballots, where their fundamental rights are guaranteed, and where there is equal level playing field for everyone.


Chief Justice has enlightened every Pakistani to these realities by highlighting them through the colors of his prism.  


A new Pakistan is emerging. In this new Pakistan, general Musharraf and anyone who stands on his side is a regressive force. Be it PML (Q), MQM, Benazir Bhutto or United States, anyone who stands on general’s side or provides him any support is standing on the downward slope.


American ideals demand the US should stand on the side of Chief Justice, on the side of democracy, on the side of constitutionalism, on the side of rule of law, on the side of free press, and on the side of people of Pakistan.


Once it happens, terrorism will automatically fade away. Ghosts only survive in the darkness of night, they cannot survive in a day light.



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