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Establishing The Writ of The Constitution

The fact of the matter is general Musharraf’s dispensation is established illegally, unlawfully and in violation of constitution of Pakistan. Therefore, it is constantly undermining the writ of constitution and the laws of the land.


The only way to make current dispensation lawful is to undo it and replace it with an ad-hoc set-up which reinitiates the whole set-up in accordance with 1973 constitution, thus establishing the writ of constitution in the country.


By saying ‘no’ to Musharraf and five other generals, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has hit the nail on the head. With this big bang he has set the process in motion to establish the writ of the constitution.


If this process continues and succeeds in creating ad-hoc set-up which restores 1973 constitution then everything will fall in place in Pakistan. Constitution will become supreme, generals will go back in their constitutional limits, fully empowered parliament will be in place, and the people will get their constitutional status. They will start voting in and voting out their rulers. No one will dare to violate the constitution and Pakistan will become a normal state.   


By responding CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s initiative positively, Legal fraternity has picked up Chief Justice’s flag and started marching in the right direction. The people of Pakistan are wholeheartedly behind attorneys’ movement. Political parties unanimously support Chief Justice and legal fraternity. Even conscientious people in Q League fully support and endorse Chief Justice and attorneys.


This is an ideal scenario. All those who support constitution, believe in rule of law and supremacy of parliament, are standing behind Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and attorneys.


All those who violate constitution, believe in undermining rule of law and want to keep parliament subservient to illegal military rulers, are standing behind general Musharraf. Most of Q Leaguers and MQM members are behind general Musharraf, because they do not believe in the sanctity of constitution or rule of law.


People of Pakistan are sick and tired of General Musharraf and his illegal dispensation. They are particularly tired of general Musharraf and his dispensation because of their constant deception, lies and untrue claims about the state of the union.


The people of Pakistan like to change things for the better. They have no hope that there  will be any change under general Musharraf. They also know that an illegal usurper like general Musharraf cannot do anything good for them.


That is why they welcomed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s ‘no’ to general Musharraf, now they stand side by side with attorneys to make Pakistan a constitutional, law abiding, democratic state. Although it has happened after long time, but now, both attorneys and the people of Pakistan are determined to establish the writ of the constitution in the country.


With the establishment of the writ of the constitution, all other writs will automatically establish.


A new future waits the people of Pakistan.



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