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Retired Generals Should Be Sued For Their During Service Illegal Acts


Most of the generals who violate rules and regulations get away with their criminal acts because of their uniform.


They remain scot-free after retirement and enjoy their lives as honorable, privileged citizens.


For example, General Mahmood illegally took over Prime Minister House when he rebelled against elected govt. He took elected prime minister hostage and kept him in solitary confinement. Afterwards, generals Mahmood, Ahsan and Orakzai pressurized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to sign a statement requiring him to suggest the then President to dissolve parliament and accept PM’s resignation.


Civil society should move against Generals Mahmood, Ahsan and Orakzai and file sue against them.


They were untouchable while they were in uniform, but they should not remain out of reach of the long arm of law after retirement. At some point in their life they must pay for the crimes they committed during the service.


If civil society start filing legal cases against such officials after their retirement and Courts start accommodating civil society’s petitions and take action against them, it will send a strong message to serving officials that sooner or later they are going to pay for their illegal acts.


What former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif described in his interview with Javed Malik of ARY, he is entitle to sue all those officials for all the illegal acts they committed against him. He or his party should sue generals Mahmood, Ahsan and Orakzai for keeping him in solitary confinement and putting pressure on him to sign the illegal document and for threatening him for dire consequences. Nawaz Sharif or his PML (N) should also sue those officials who handcuffed him while they transported him to Karachi because this was also an illegal act.


Supreme Court may entertain or reject Nawaz Sharif’s petitions against these generals, but in either case, these petitions will have significant impact on the movement of history in Pakistan.


Similarly, other private citizens who ever suffered atrocities on the hands of ISI, MI or other agencies, they should also file legal cases against those officials when they become private citizens. Such legal cases will help improve the conduct of those irresponsible officials who behave illegally during their service years.


There is nothing more horrific than leaving such outlaw vagabonds free who use their official positions to commit all type of crimes and then enjoy after retirement privileges.


On the basis of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s interview, Supreme Court should take suo moto action against General Mahmood, Ahsan and Orakzai and serve them notices to appear before the court and face the legal consequences of their illegal actions.


Obviously, what they did was not required by the rules and regulations of armed forces or the laws of the state. They committed these illegal acts as citizens of Pakistan against another citizen, therefore, they should be punished accordingly.



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