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Of Course, Prime Minister’s Personal Assets are Fattening 

Present set-up is sailing through Pakistan’s politically choppy waters only with the help of few good terms picked up from Euro-American systems. For example, general Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz and Mohammad Ali Durrani constantly refer to good governance, transparency, constitutionalism, real democracy, exponential economic growth, growing international good will and modernity.


Unfortunately, all these main exponents of present set-up use these terms in directly opposite meanings. When they refer to good governance, it practically means lawlessness, rampant crime, corruption, the ability of privileged to get away with anything. When they refer transparency, it practically means, tainted, shady, underhand, deceptive and fraudulent. When they refer to constitution, it practically means general Musharraf’s all illegal, extra constitutional and unlawful acts. When they refer to real democracy, it means general Musharraf’s unchallenged, infinite and life long rule. When they refer exponential economic growth, it means ruling elites exponentially fattening assets and wealth. When they refer to growing international good will and standing, it means international support for general Musharraf’s illegal and tyrannical rule. When they refer to modernity and development, it means general Musharraf’s cultural genocide.


If we want to find further details of these terms and their explanation, we should look at each one of these individual’s personal behavior, way of ruling, and abuse of state authority.


Let us start with general Musharraf. Forget his illegal control of state of Pakistan. Let us try to look at these terms in the light of general Musharraf’s actions. How good general Musharraf has governed since he illegally took over Pakistan. Is there any law which general Musharraf has not violated or broken within last seven and half years of his mis(rule)? Is there any oath and promise which general Musharraf did not violate or break? From A to Z everything he did, he did in violation of constitution of Pakistan. Every oath he took since joining armed forces he violated it. Any promise he made he broke it. If anyone considers it good governance he may, we plainly call it “criminal” and illegal.


Let us talk about smooth operator, imported Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz. His whole claim to fame is economic growth. He time and again refers to robust economic growth and transparency.


As far transparency is concerned, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is paying dearly for exposing his transparency. Chief Justice Iftikhar chaudhry just exposed his involvement in Steel Mill’s privatization and Karachi Stock Exchange’s debacle. Shaukat Aziz has made dozens of such deals. These two deals pointed out by Chief Justice Iftikhar chaudhry speak volumes about Shaukat Aziz’s good governance and transparency.


Other than imported Prime Minister’s good governance and transparency, his personal swelling assets tell the true story. When he appeared at Pakistani horizon as Finance Minister he had personal assets of about 12 Karore rupees. When he became Prime Minister, his personal assets were about 18 Karore rupees. Three years, after he assumed the office of Prime Minister, his personal assets have swelled to 50 Karore rupees.


As we understand, since he became Finance Minister in Pakistan, he has been a full timer with government of Pakistan. It is amazing how he has grown his personal assets from 12 Karore to 50 Karore rupees?  We don’t know if Pakistan’s economy is growing or not, but of course, Shaukat Aziz’s personal assets are fattening in leaps and bounds.


The fact of the matter is regardless what general Musharraf and his spokes persons say, present set-up is comprised of thugs, criminals, gangsters and smooth operators who do not believe in rule of law, civility and normalcy.


How long this brutal system will survive, let us wait and see. The components of present regime have turned Pakistan into a den of criminals. Let us see how long this subterfuge lasts!



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