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Conspiracy Against the General?

General Musharraf the most devious, deceptive and outlaw general in the history of Pakistan has picked up the phrase “conspiracy” from his conversation with Geo anchorman Hamid Mir. During his conversation with General Musharraf, Hamid Mir asked the general if attack on Geo was part of a conspiracy someone hatching against him?


“Conspiracy” was a buzz word stuck with the general. At the moment he did not understand the power of phrase “conspiracy” but, now he is cunningly using this phrase in his tirades at officially arranged public Jalsas.


Who would conspire against general Musharraf? He himself is the biggest conspirator in the history of Pakistan. The simple fact is, out of stupidity, he himself shot on his foot by using his ugly macho-in-uniform style first to call Chief Justice, head of an independent branch of government, at his army house and then holding him hostage there until he processed his heinous plan to replace him.


Why anyone would conspire against him? General should know that he is illegal army chief, he is illegal president, and he is controlling state of Pakistan without any moral or legal authority.  Therefore, under these conditions, it is he who is conspiring against armed forces, against legal institutions, and against the people to maintain his illegal control over the state of Pakistan.


After conspiring against Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Geo TV, general has addressed several public gatherings.


If there were Rule of Law in Pakistan he would have been impeached and sent home for addressing these public gatherings. Yet, he is the only character on Pakistan’s political stage who is calling all the shots for the last 8 years.


He says some MUFFAD PARAST politicians are using Chief Justice’s case for their political interests.


One should ask the general what was wrong with it.  If he can use the armed forces and his position in the army for his political interests why can’t politicians?


Politics is a sacred profession. Outlaw Pakistani generals have turned this noble profession into prostitution. General Musharraf’s role is not any different. He has his own share in polluting this sacred pond.  


What happened at Geo is condemnable act. Any right minded person will condemn it. Others who are condemning it, they are condemning it from the bottom of their hearts—out of sincerity.  


Whereas, if general and his condors like Shaukat Aziz, Mohammad Ali Durrani, Wasi Zafar and Sher Pao are condemning it, they are condemning it out of hypocrisy. They are at the helm of affairs and they are responsible for this heinous act.  


The fact of the matter is General Musharraf’s attack on Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and through him on judiciary is a much bigger crime than attack on Geo.  It is hypocritical of General Musharraf to apologize to Geo for attack on Geo but remaining mum on the more serious crime he has committed by humiliating Chief Justice and judiciary.


Therefore, it is the general who is conspiring against the armed forces, judiciary and the people of Pakistan. It would be better if he stops considering people of Pakistan stupid. They understand general’s tactics and they are going to fail his conspiracy against Pakistan’s sacred institutions and against Pakistan.



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