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Criticism of (Illegal) President, (Outlaw) Army, (Pliant) Parliament and (Subservient) Judiciary Must Continue

Heat is reaching to ruling junta by the critics of (illegal) President, (outlaw) army, (pliant) parliament and (subservient) judiciary.


The law passed by (subservient) parliament restraining criticism of these sacred cows shows their sanctity is tearing down and they want to hide behind the parliamentary shield to save them from the harsh criticism.


There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that general Musharraf is an illegal president. He came in to power in violation of constitution by rebelling against the constitutionally elected government. Since seizer of his power was illegal, all his subsequent acts such as petition in the Supreme Court to stay in power, referendum, 2002 elections, parliament created in result of those elections, 17th amendment and becoming president were illegal.


The logic and reason of general Musharraf’s presidency’s illegality is simple and clear. Any criminal after committing the crime cannot takeover the legal process and alter laws to change the nature of criminality of his acts to valid, legal acts.


Pakistan army is an outlaw institution, because it has abetted, supported and promoted the illegal acts of its chiefs. Each man in uniform is responsible to protect the constitution of Pakistan according to his oath. The men in uniform of Pakistan army failed individually and as an institution to protect the constitution of Pakistan. They failed at the times of Ayub, Yahya and Zia. They have failed again to do their duty to protect the constitution as (illegal) general Musharraf is constantly violating the constitution of Pakistan.


Present parliament, both senate and national assembly, is illegal because it was created by the illegal, unconstitutional orders issued by (illegal) president. Therefore, all laws, constitutional amendments including 17th amendment enacted by them are illegal. Moreover, this parliament has failed to represent the will of the people of Pakistan. It has played a pliant and subservient parliament’s role to support an illegal ruler’s illegal set-up.


Supreme Court and other higher courts are being run by judges whose positions are tainted with unconstitutional oath which prohibits them to entertain cases against (illegal) president of Pakistan. Therefore, they are part of the illegal set-up created by (illegal) president of Pakistan.


Under these circumstances, the people of Pakistan must take every necessary peaceful step to undo this whole illegal set-up. Criticism of illegal (president), (outlaw) army, (pliant) parliament and (subservient) judiciary is one of the tools which the people of Pakistan are applying to pull their country out of the mess created by illegal acts of general Musharraf. They must continue harsh criticism of  (illegal) president, (outlaw) army, (plaint) parliament and (subservient) judiciary until constitutional set-up restores in Pakistan.


The people of Pakistan, in addition to harsh criticism, should rather move few steps further: they should start disobedience movement, stop paying taxes and hold peaceful public rallies to undo this illegal set-up. They should continue these direct actions until generals and their civilian supporters are brought to justice for their illegal acts, army goes back to its legal, constitutional limits, parliament reflects the will of the people, and judiciary becomes protector of the constitution and the people of Pakistan.

Benazir Must Attend MPC

It is peoples’ demand that BB should attend MPC in London. Most of the political activists are disappointed by BB’s decision to stay away from MPC. The reasons why BB has decided to remain absent from MPC are known to her, but the people of Pakistan do have the right to know why she is not joining opposition parties in London to be part of the effort to oust illegal military ruler from power?

General Musharraf is a bad news for Pakistan. He has put all the criminal elements of Pakistan in charge of state’s helm of affairs. Since he took over power, he made Pakistan center of international conflicts. These conflicts are taking serious toll on the well being of Pakistan as well as its citizens.

Before Kargil, general Musharraf’s point of entry in Pakistani politics, Pakistan was on the path to establish peace with its only rival India and find a peaceful settlement of half century old Kashmir issue. Mr. Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif had signed peace agreement under which the chances of Kashmir solution were imminent.

Before Kargil, Pakistan had ideal relations with Afghanistan, Iran and China. Since general Musharraf’s takeover, relations with all four neighbors have reached to their lowest.


Scarcity of commodities of daily use has made peoples’ lives miserable. Within last 7 years, prices of essential commodities have spiked 400%. Inflation is out of control. And people are committing suicide to free themselves from the yokes of life.


Crime is on the rise. Pakistan never had had suicide bombers any time in its history. General Musharraf has introduced this gift to Pakistani nation.  


Under these circumstances, it is the responsibility of all political parties, right, left, and centrist, to join forces and oust general Musharraf from power as soon as possible and save Pakistan from ultimate demise.


It is in the interest of Pakistan that BB should personally attend MPC and be part of the opposition effort to oust Musharraf. If she does not want to join MPC, can she provide a plausible explanation to the people of Pakistan?  




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