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Not Without Uninterrupted Electric Supply

Subsequent Pakistani governments make claims about their economic achievements. Musharraf regime, due to its illegal status and immoral nature, tries to make towering claims about economic development. His media managers do not let go any opportunity to stamp their claim on any achievements even if these achievements were made by consecutive Benazir and Nawaz Sharif regimes.


There is nothing wrong about such claims. All governments refer to their achievements to maintain their credibility and make them look good in the eyes of their citizens. Democratic governments do so because they have to turn back to their voters for re-election, but military regimes that take over countries illegally do not have such compulsions. However, by making towering claims about their economic achievements they want their citizens to know that they are better alternatives to elected civilian governments.


Coming back to economic development, our contention is that no claim about economic development by any government, legal or illegal, civilian or military, is true or justified until unless they provide solid electric supply system to the country. Nothing works without energy. Electricity is the most important form of energy which plays the most important role in the economic development of any country.


Pakistan always had shortage of electric supply. Various governments worked on projects to improve electric supply, but still, electric supply is not reliable in Pakistan. Other than regular load-shedding in all different cities and towns of the country, no one knows when electric system breaks down and supply is interrupted.


These interruptions not only make citizensí lives difficult in harsh winter and summer seasons, they cause serious economic losses to manufacturers and businesses which have domino effect on laborersí earnings, shortage of products in local markets, delay or loss in exports and deficit in government revenues.


Electric supply interruptions are not unknown or new phenomenon in Pakistan. It has only become more chronic with widening gap between shortage in electric supply and growing energy needs.


If various consecutive Pakistani governments make tall claims about their economic achievements, the only measure to judge the level of their economic achievements is their achievement in meeting the growing electric supply needs of the country. Fundamental difference between developed and underdeveloped countries is their ability to meet their electric supply needs. Developed countries developed their electric supply resources or maintained the level of their electric supply equal to their growing electric supply needs.


In modern times, economic development means industrial development. Without industrial development no country can be considered a developed country. And without constant and uninterrupted electric supply industrial development is a far off possibility.


Therefore, a simple test which Pakistanis can apply to judge the claims of economic achievements of their governments is their contribution to develop reliable, constant, uninterrupted electric supply.


Under general Musharraf, Pakistan is facing the most devastating shortage in electric supply. His media managers can make all the claims about their economic achievements, but country-wide broken electric supply systems tell the true story of their economic achievement claims.



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