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It was amazing to read statements from Mr. Jamali and his ministers in which they referred “Musharraf government” as “former government”. For example, while talking to newspaper editors Mr. Jamali said he would continue “former government’s policies.” Information Minister Mr. Shaikh Rashid Ahmad said present government would continue former government’s policy on Americans’ use of Pakistani bases.


Nothing can be more delusional than referring general Musharraf’s government as “former government.” The fact of the matter is that general Musharraf’s government is well and alive and still in illegal control of Pakistan. Mr. Jamali and his ministers want to keep themselves in illusion of being in charge of new or present government they may do so as long as they like, but sooner or later they will learn who is the real boss.


General Musharraf has very skillfully destroyed all governmental, judicial and political institutions. He has buried the constitution of Pakistan under LFO, which has become the defacto law of the land. Mr. Jamali inadvertently admitted this reality when he said that present members of the parliament contested elections under LFO, they accepted conditions such as lowering voters’ age and condition of graduation then what is the fuss about LFO.


There are several problems with Mr. Jamali’s logic. First, If LFO is the controlling document then he and his ministers should not refer to general Musharraf’s government as “former government.” Second, LFO and 1973 constitution are two separate legal documents. LFO is not the part of 1973 constitution because it is not created within the framework of the 1973 constitution. If Mr. Jamali’s logic is correct then everything created under LFO is unconstitutional. Mr. Musharraf’s presidency is unconstitutional, elections held under LFO are unconstitutional, assemblies created under LFO are unconstitutional, appointments of Prime Minister, federal Ministers, Chief Ministers and speakers of assemblies made under LFO are unconstitutional. If Mr. Jamali’s logic is erroneous then general Musharraf’s government is well and alive and everything created by general Musharraf under LFO is his creation and exists only at his pleasure including Mr. Jamali’s prime minister-ship and his ministers’ minister-ships.


The fact of the matter is general Musharraf is still the ruler of Pakistan and he is the one who calls all the shots. Jamali’s government and assemblies are just charade. They do not mean anything.


Under these circumstances, Mr. Jamali and his ministers should not misguide the people of Pakistan by giving them false impression of revival of democracy. There cannot be a bigger joke or fraud with a nation of 148 million people telling them that democracy has revived in Pakistan when the COAS is sitting on the top of every thing.


The people of Pakistan can clearly see who is behind the veil. They have become familiar with general Musharraf’s hide and seek games. His hibernation in President House cannot make them believe that he has transferred powers.


If Jamali wants to believe he is for real, we feel sorry for the man and concerned about the future of Pakistan.


Pakistan’s future cannot be secured until generals relinquish direct or indirect control of state institutions.


If Mr. Jamali really wants to help Pakistan he needs to take four steps:


1)     Restore 1973 constitution in its entirety.

2)     Set-up inquiry commission to scrutinize general Musharraf’s activities from Kargil .. to coup d’etat 1999.

3)     Clean civilian bureaucracy 100% from retired and serving men in uniform.

4)     Hold fresh elections.


If Mr. Jamali takes these steps he may put Pakistan back on democratic track once again, otherwise, not only he has himself become false prey to general Musharraf’s delusional system he is helping the outlaw general to get away with his extra constitutional actions. 



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