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Civilianization of Pak Army


General Musharraf and many others wonder why every national, regional and international act of violence ends up connecting Pakistan with it.


Reason is plain and simple: Over militarization of Pakistan. Pakistan Army not only has sowed the seeds of its own destruction it is making sure it destroys Pakistan, the region where Pakistan is located and the world at large.


Pakistan in the hands of Pakistan army is like a proverbial knife in a monkey’s hands. General Musharraf himself is the tool in the hands of Pakistan Army doing its biddings to perpetuate its control over the state of Pakistan. This control is important, because this demon cannot sustain itself and cannot carry on its bloody acts within Pakistan, in surrounding region and around the globe.


It’s a total mess created by Pakistan army—a sick organization being run by mentally sick and retarded brains. Even their thought process stinks, because they do not have the ability to think straight.


In order to save Pakistan, the region where Pakistan is located and the world at large, it is important to civilianize Pakistan army. Without civilianization of Pakistan army war on terror cannot be fought, violence cannot end, and Pakistan cannot become a normal state.


General Musharraf’s constant presence on the scene, and his recipes, are nothing but a message for serious disaster looming over Pakistan, the region and the globe. General Musharraf, a Jihadi through his bones, a born again moderate, can only make things worse. The murder of a woman provincial minister in Punjab, and assassination attack on a federal minister, seven different suicide attacks in last month and a half, portray the true picture of general Musharraf’s Pakistan.


The adage that all countries have armies but Pakistan army has a country needs to be changed as soon as possible on emergency grounds. Pakistan needs to become a country that has army, but not an army that has a country.


In order to achieve this objective, for next twenty years, all top military positions, from commander in chief to core commanders, should be filled by civilians. Courses taught in military academies should be reviewed and rewritten by democratic minded civilian scholars to change the sick military mentality.


As a first preference, Pakistanis should do this job by themselves. If they cannot do it, international agencies should get involved and start the process of civilianization of Pakistan army.


Pakistan in the hands of Pakistan army is a ticking time atomic bomb which can destroy itself and the region.


The sooner we embark on the road to civilianize Pakistan army the better chances we will have to save Pakistan, the region and the world at large.




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