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200 lb Guerilla In The Middle of Things

Things in Pakistan roll in a strange fashion. This country and its people have become addicted to a guerilla presence. Without a guerilla on the scene, nothing works or moves. Every ten years or so, a guerilla falls in the middle of things and then all social, cultural, economic and political motions reset and game starts over.


It did not happen once, twice, or thrice, fourth such 200 lb guerilla is on the scene for the last seven and half years and the whole universe is circling around him.




What parliament? Whole parliament is there to do his bidding.




What Judiciary? Whole judiciary is there to validate the decrees issued by the guerilla in uniform.




What bureaucracy? Whole bureaucracy is there to do his chores.




What army? The armed forces of Pakistan? They are not the armed forces of Pakistan. If they were armed forces of Pakistan, they would have arrested, court-martialed and jailed general Musharraf. But they are the armed forces of general Musharraf. They are there to protect him and his system. They donít give a damn  Pakistan may go to dogs.


This nonsense is not one day affair. Itís going on for the last sixty yearsóa long time in the history of any nation.


The strange thing is: how everything, politicians, writers, journalists, judges, lawyers, teachers and one hundred and sixty million people start circling around one man. They donít question him. They donít ask him who the hell is he and where the hell he comes from to rule them? They just become humble servants to the will of one guerilla in uniform.


Imagine if there were one hundred and sixty million house flies. If they would shit on GHQ the whole GHQ would perish. Imagine if there were one hundred and sixty million mosquitoes. If they would bite 6 hundred thousand men in uniform they would all die. It is amazing how one hundred and sixty million human beings endure all this humiliation, all these miseries, all this nonsense by one guerilla in uniform and they do nothing to get rid of this guerilla system.  


Are one hundred and sixty million Pakistanis worse than one hundred sixty million house flies? Are one hundred sixty million Pakistanis worse than one hundred and sixty million mosquitoes?


If these one hundred and sixty million human beings have allowed fourth such guerilla to infringe upon their rights, violate their constitution, break every law of the land, disregard every decent value of civil life, they are definitely something lesser than house flies and mosquitoes.


As long as the people of Pakistan act something lesser than house flies and mosquitoes, a 200 lb guerilla will always  be there on the scene spinning things around him. In order to put their house together and make their country a state with constitution, rule of law and democracy, they have to rise up to the occasion and put this guerilla and his army in their place.




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