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Pakistan Needs a Hyde Park in Every City

There is a solution to growing suicide bombings in Pakistan. Solution is building a Hyde Park in every Pakistani city.


Pakistanis are full of anger over the way things are going in their country for the last 60 years. Pakistan Army has denied them participation in political process. They cannot elect their rulers. Men in khaki impose one person on the top and he calls all the shots. Now a day, general Musharraf is doing this job. Apparently, there is a parliament, a large gang of ministers, an imported tip-top prime minister, but the whole system circles around general Musharraf, the GHQ man. If he is there, he is there because he happened to be commander in chief of the armed forces of Pakistan otherwise he has no other qualification for the job.


It is not that the people of Pakistan have been denied their political rights for the last 60 years; they have been denied very basic human rights throughout the history of Pakistan. There are no equal level playing fields for them. Those who come from ruling elite, they can have anything they want. Of course, there is a hierarchy in ruling elite too. Being the sole harbinger of power, the men in khaki and their siblings are on the top. They have all the educational, economic and leadership opportunities. Then come the people from the other strata of life that are connected with men in khaki. They enjoy privileges like their collaborators in khaki as long as they stay on leash. If at some point in time they cross a man in khakiís road, no matter they are resident of Punjab Chief Minister house, they are dealt with iron hands.


The people of Pakistan are living on the crumbs left over after the plundering and looting of these privileged classes. These crumbs are not enough to provide them clean water, two times daily bread, affordable housing, uninterrupted electric supply, inexpensive medical facilities, and respectable means of transportation, equal educational and economic opportunities and accessible justice. On the top, they have listen to garbage burped out at them by commander in chief of the armed forces of Pakistan, his hand picked prime minister and his minions, gang of rascal politicians serving the needs of that commander in chief that refuses to retire. Amidst all this are growing dangers around Pakistanís Eastern and Western borders which are not the making of people of Pakistan.


These pressures are turning the people of Pakistan into living volcanoes. They are angry because they never felt as helpless as they are feeling under current illegal administration imposed on them. Consequently, they are resorting to violent means to vent out their anger and express their helplessness.


Is there something that can be done to provide some outlet to these millions of people living in a mad house called Pakistan?


If nothing else, at least, a Hyde Park in every Pakistani city will do the job. Allow people to go to those Hyde Parks and let them vent out their anger. Allow them to say anything they want to say without social, cultural, political or legal repercussions.


This may be a step towards healing a sick nation.




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