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Pak Army’s Political Control Is The Mother of All Ills


Pakistan Weekly has consistently pointed out the problems caused by Pakistan Army’s control over the state of Pakistan.


Now, under general Musharraf, things are getting out of proportion or even worse. His hide and seek games with the people of Pakistan, with regional powers and with international community may create problems which Pakistan won’t be able to handle.  


Recently he visited many Middle Eastern states and now he is visiting Indonesia and Malaysia.


If one looks at general Musharraf’s political career these trips become more explainable. When he illegally took over Pakistan international community did not welcome him. Particularly, United States shunned him so badly, the then US President, Bill Clinton did not like to be photographed with him. Then he chose to visit the countries which are chronic dictatorships. He went to Egypt, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia and so on so forth.


Now, because of his double face policies he is on no good terms with the United States, he is again visiting the countries with un-representative and dictatorial governments.


United States have started clearly seeing Iran’s and Pakistan’s strategy to bleed United States in the sands of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan. Now, they learned how duplicitous general Musharraf is. As United States is distancing itself from general Musharraf, he is again traveling to countries where people like him are in control of things.  


General Musharraf’s these hide and seek tactics are making things more complicated for the people of Pakistan, for Pakistan, for South Asian region and for international community. The question is how long the people and the armed forces of Pakistan want to put up with this man? It is so because the key of general Musharraf’s presence on present scene lies with the people and armed forces of Pakistan. If they continue to tolerate general Musharraf’s shenanigans and let him play his hide and seek games the chances are international factors will eventually kick in and play their role. It will be a worse scenario.


It is important the people and the armed forces of Pakistan start thinking to get rid of this man. The people of Pakistan should gain political control of the state of Pakistan. The armed forces should go back to barracks and ISI should shorten its focus on its military intelligence duties. The sooner Pakistan’s who are who start moving in this direction the things will start easing up for Pakistan.


All interested and concerned parties, national and international, must know how evil Pakistan army’s military control over the state is and what kind of problems it is creating for everyone. They all must work to untangle this relationship.


Only a democratic Pakistan run by civilian representative authorities can become a springboard for peace instead of terrorism.



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